May 29th, 2012
05:20 PM ET

Burnett on Syria: 'it comes down to Russia'

CNN's Erin Burnett talks about how significant Russia is in the Syrian crisis.

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May 29th, 2012
03:52 PM ET

OutFront Green Room: CNN's Arwa Damon on Syria

In an OutFront GREEN ROOM EXCLUSIVE, CNN correspondent Arwa Damon spoke to Erin Burnett OutFront producer Leinz Vales about why the unrest in Syria should matter to Americans. FULL POST

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May 29th, 2012
03:12 PM ET

Front Lines: Woman fighting flesh-eating bacteria utters first words

We want to update you on Aimee Copeland, the 24-year old grad student who has been infected with a flesh-eating bacteria. According to her father's blog post, Aimee has been able to utter her first words. She said her mind was blown and that she's very excited.


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May 29th, 2012
03:09 PM ET

E-BLOCK: Remembering and honoring America's troops

CNN contributor John Avlon remembers and honors U.S. troops on Memorial Day in tonight's E-Block.

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May 29th, 2012
01:27 PM ET

Outer Circle: Syria massacre

Special U.N. envoy Kofi Annan arrived in Damascus Monday, calling for justice in the aftermath of Friday's massacre in the town of Hoola in eastern Syria. FULL POST

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