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Nurse's friend: Ebola patient Nina Pham was wearing full hazmat suit

At least 76 more health care workers in Dallas are now being monitored for Ebola. The Centers for Disease Control say that's the number who may have come into contact with Ebola patient Thomas Duncan.

Ebola outbreak: Get up to speed with the latest developments

CNN is also learning new details about the Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, who is infected with Ebola. In interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, her close friend and former colleague Jennifer Joseph said Pham was wearing a full hazmat suit when treating Duncan.

So how was she able to contract the deadly virus?

The director of the CDC today admitted the agency could have done more to prevent Pham from contracting the virus:

"I wish we had put a team on the ground the day the first patient was diagnosed. That may have prevented this infection," Dr. CDC Director Tom Frieden said.

Pham's friends have set up a fundraising site for her. CLICK HERE to donate.