October 24th, 2011
08:34 PM ET

OutFront: Erin, Elmo, and the Documentary, 'Being Elmo'

Odds are you've heard of Elmo, the Sesame Street character whose voice is known to children and their parents alike around the world. You might not know the name Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who provides Elmo his voice–and operates the fuzzy celebrity from just out of sight.

On OutFront, Erin Burnett talked to Clash–the subject of a new documentary, Being Elmo, about his life–and about Elmo, who visited the set with his own unique take on Washington politics and solving the partisan divide.

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  1. AF

    Like I had pointed out with Cameron advocating uk involvement in the eu decisions, very similar to Churchill moment for him, and the pope now even advocating a stance towards financial integration there is a great deal of support for the message. It is a credit scourge that needs unified effort and progress and peace through prosperity and unity. The catholic church is calling for a gradual unification of global central banks somewhat like a more unified g20 as a means of helping the poor and ending war not through swords but pens. The uk is moving closer to it's original conservative roots and seeing that it is in the interest of it's own banks and financial service industries as well as a way to prevent another Serbia or the tymonshenko type trial that monetary NATO like institutions are necessary. The Ukraine issue is an important reminder of the need for rules of law and while financial unions are a first step they do lead to greater civil rights.

    As to stocks the home refi program help the  us banks as fewer foreclosures means fewer banks need to reserve for losses and lower future inventory which assists in housing prices. The uk banks benefit from the uk becoming more involved and potentially joining the euro zone or adding to the bailout package as bank strength helps them and their industry. The same but more distant is the fed but again adding to the efsf and IMF plans helps domestic and greater integration which only helps the economy.

    The increasing integration prevents singling out single nations or runs on finances as to hurt one hurts all the same economic integration Reagan used with NATO to end the cold war Churchill used to save Britain and tie together the us and allies through economic and industrial might, the same integration Clinton sought when looking at nafta and cooperation with Blair. It may seem multifacted but fairly simple and with Germany now advocating a federal style system in the eu the time is right for Britain there. With the vote in the middle east the time is right there also let us not be so hypocritical as a nation that prints in god we trust on our currency to demand that any reference to religion in an Islamic state is anything but similar to how we ourselves started and began.

    How to pass by the Washington impasse move to transnational institutions as well to bolster economic development. States are still powerful no one argues any different same is true around the world. The Kurds and a semiautonomous economic zone of Kurds linked among the various governments where they reside is a great idea in so many ways and as part of a peace plan should be supported. Syria hinges in some ways on the Kurds and turkeys stability and an end to fighting there is a simple matter of advocating a Kurdish economic integration which actually helps the broader Turkish economy as it straddles the eu and middle east. I have faith that things are moving forward well but still would like a contract offer and job in my own hands also. Just kind of how I see it so like the eu needing uk intervention to help lead forward and prevent a poorly timed lurch towards introversion maybe a network could use a bit more economic analysis and belief in the beneficial influence of economics on world events. So open sesame and side by side greater power for all as a sum of parts than individually. Power of the wall street a bit, much smarter babies not to go over many heads.

    October 25, 2011 at 12:44 pm | Reply
  2. Joey at Purdue Univ

    Surprisingly, Elmo's playdate idea may have some credence.

    "Seeking solutions — two-by-two" by The Concord Coalition: http://goo.gl/7KBBs

    October 24, 2011 at 9:38 pm | Reply

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