January 16th, 2012
08:50 PM ET

Avlon: stop the South Carolina stereotypes

As the Republican presidential campaign focuses on South Carolina, John Avlon wants to clear up a few misconceptions about the people–and the politics–of the Palmetto State.

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January 16th, 2012
08:37 PM ET

Young voters explain the Ron Paul 'revolution'

With a new CNN poll putting Republican Ron Paul in a statistical dead heat with President Obama nationwide, supporters–many of them young, social media savvy and determined–hope for a breakthrough in South Carolina. What attracts young voters to a man who would be the oldest American president if elected? CNN's Erin Burnett found out.

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January 16th, 2012
08:06 PM ET

Obama, Romney Super PAC bosses battle over who's breaking the rules

Will the leaders of Super PACs supporting President Obama and Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney agree to turn off the tap supporting a flood of negative ads–something that the candidates themselves seem to agree on? On CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront, Bill Burton and Charlie Spies agreed they known and support their own candidates, but they didn't agree on much more than that.

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January 16th, 2012
07:58 PM ET

Cohen: U.S. must make sure 'rhetoric doesn't turn into conflict' with Iran

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen told CNN's Erin Burnett the tough talk over Iran raises important risks of armed conflict. "We have to be careful the heated rhetoric doesn't turn into conflict."

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January 16th, 2012
05:09 PM ET

Italian Coast Guard: 29 people, including 4 crew members, unaccounted for from Costa Concordia

As rescuers and investigators continue to scour the massive cruise ship Costa Concordia, the Italian Coast Guard reports 29 people–including four crew members–remain unaccounted for after the ship struck a rock off the Italian coast and capsized.

After a brief suspension, rescue efforts resumed Monday on the partially sunken cruise liner Costa Concordia, officials said. The ship struck rocks Friday night and rolled onto its side, leaving at least six people dead.

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