January 20th, 2012
08:03 PM ET

SOPA: Hollywood 'got rolled by the internet'

After high profile protests by internet powers like Wikipedia, the anti-piracy bills known as SOPA and PIPA were put on hold Friday–a dramatic turnaround just hours after Wikipedia spent 24 hours dark in protest. CNET chief political correspondent Declan McCullagh says the forces behind SOPA and PIPA–including the giants of Hollywood–"got rolled by the internet," which he says didn't even open up their big guns to bring down the bills.

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January 20th, 2012
07:47 PM ET

Gingrich: people 'really dislike the media'

On the eve of voting in South Carolina, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich sat down with CNN's Erin Burnett and said he feels momentum going into the vote. In part, he says, because of his performance in last night's CNN debate, where he powerfully attacked the media in general and CNN's John King in particular. People "really dislike the media," he said.

On the question of his personal life, Gingrich says the problems facing the country are far too serious for voters to worry about his relationships rather than his ability to serve as president. "I would never beat Barack Obama in a likability contest...I wouldn't try."

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