February 16th, 2012
07:32 PM ET

Could the GOP campaign end in Tampa with a brokered convention?

As Rick Santorum surges and Mitt Romney struggles, the odds of the Republican campaign dragging on into Spring–or beyond–look more and more likely. Political analyst John Avlon took a look at the calendar and the numbers, and found there are realistic scenarios that lead directly to Tampa, Florida, and a brokered convention.

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February 16th, 2012
07:10 PM ET

Web Extra: LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman

CNN's Erin Burnett sat down with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. In this exclusive web extra, Hoffman reveals the one thing about his life that he plans to change.

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February 16th, 2012
05:57 PM ET

The Jeremy Lin phenomenon, as seen through the eyes of one Taiwanese-American kid

There's no shortage of words being written–and puns produced–about the sudden sensation that is New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. The out-of-nowhere story has captivated New York, invigorated the NBA, and added a new page to the enduring American Dream mythology among kids–especially in places like Taiwan–around the world. CNN's Erin Burnett didn't have to look far to find just one kid: her nephew Jasper.

"I think he makes a lot of us proud," said Jasper, who's Taiwanese-American and, in Erin's words, "a huge sports fan."

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February 16th, 2012
02:49 PM ET

Powell home 'a sham'; Josh Powell's dad takes the fifth

Steven Powell is no longer talking to cops but he remains a person of interest in Susan Powell's disappearance. And in a bizarre twist, investigators now believe the home where Josh Powell and his two sons died was a "sham" intended to fool authorities.

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