February 20th, 2012
07:18 PM ET

Could Iran send American gas prices to five dollars a gallon?

Amid frightening talk of Iran's threat as a nuclear power comes a new concern: gas prices. Iran's ability to send ripples through the international gas supply could ultimately lead to five-dollar-a-gallon gas at pump in the U.S. by Summer.

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February 20th, 2012
04:15 PM ET

Avalanche deaths: 'victims...rarely have a chance to escape'

The avalanche that killed three skiers in Washington state Sunday moved so fast–and with so much power–there was no time for the skiers to react. The three, ski tour judge Jim Jack, Chris Rudolph and John Brennan, were part of a group of highly experienced backcountry skiers who were on an ungroomed slope near the Stevens Pass ski area in the Cascade Mountains, according to a CNN report.

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