May 31st, 2012
10:53 PM ET

Obama campaign attacks Romney's job creation record: Does it add up?

The Obama campaign attacks Mitt Romney's record of job creation. CNN's Erin Burnett runs the numbers and explains if the attack adds up.

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May 31st, 2012
10:51 PM ET

Bloomberg's war on big soda: Whose side are you on?

CNN's Erin Burnett tackles NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's latest attempt to ban the sale of sugary drinks sold in containers larger than 16 ounces.

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May 31st, 2012
10:26 PM ET

Callan: "take a closer look at Mr. Edwards statements"

A mistrial in the case against John Edwards. And for now, he's avoided a 30-year prison sentence at more than a million dollars in fines. FULL POST

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May 31st, 2012
09:41 PM ET

Barney song used as torture?

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday something that many of us have suspected for years. According to the Defense Department's Captain John Kirby, music is regularly used to punish prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. FULL POST

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May 31st, 2012
09:24 PM ET

Mother of 'zombie' attacker stunned

We are learning more about the man who was killed by Florida police as he was chewing off another man's face. Rudy Eugene's mother and girlfriend are now speaking out.

31-year Eugene was described to be in a "zombie-like" state when he was caught by police in Miami saturday. Police say Eugene was naked and growling like an animal as he attacked a 65-year-old homeless man.

But just that morning his girlfriend told the Miami Herald he was behaving normally. She said he "planted a kiss" on her lips and told her he loved her before heading out.

CNN's Erin Burnett speaks to CBS 4 Miami reporter Peter Dench, who spoke with Eugene's mother.

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