May 10th, 2012
07:28 PM ET

Reich on JPMorgan Chase losses: 'Nobody has learned anything'

Years after the Wall Street losses that sent the nation into the worst economic crisis in generations, JPMorgan Chase reports losses in the billions of dollars, and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich says "nobody has learned anything." Reich, in an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, says "we need regulation."

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May 10th, 2012
01:14 PM ET

Gary Johnson sets his sights on Obama, Romney

Former GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson won and accepted the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party on Saturday, which his campaign said earns him a spot on November ballots in all 50 states.

Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico and business owner, won the nomination with more than 70% of the vote at the party convention in Las Vegas. He entered the Libertarian primary race after dropping his 2012 Republican bid in late December.


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