September 24th, 2012
08:54 PM ET

Texas child custody case to redefine 'motherhood'

A child custody case in Houston, Texas may define motherhood. A 48-year-old Cindy Close says she and her friend, Marvin McMurrey, agreed to become co-parents after she became pregnant through in vitro fertilization using his sperm and donated eggs.

However, the day the twins were born, Close says McMurrey declared her surrogate, revealed he was gay, and filed a lawsuit saying she has no rights since she is not the biological mother.

CNN's David Mattingly has the story.

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September 24th, 2012
08:40 PM ET

American flight cancellations on the rise: Who is to blame?

American has cancelled at least 570 flights in the past week, frustrating passengers around the country like Senator Marco Rubio who tweeted: "Every American flight I have been on this week has been at least two hours late or cancelled. This one already one hour delayed."

The bankrupt airline cancelled 105 flights Monday, but the company says 76 of those cancellations were pre-planned. Pilot sick leave may be partially to blame– it's up more than 20 percent this year as the airline and the union fight over benefits and working conditions.

OutFront tonight: George Hobica folows the industry as the president of Airfare Watchdog. FULL POST

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September 24th, 2012
08:31 PM ET

Early voting becomes a major factor in elections

With 43 days until election day, chances are you can vote right now if you don't want to wait until November 6th. By the end of this month, voters in 30 states will be able to cast their ballots in the presidential election.

In total, about 35 percent of voters – are expected to vote early this year, up from 30 percent in 2008.

Which side benefits more from this shifting election "day"? And how will it impact what happens on the election battlefield between now and November 6th?

OutFront tonight: CNN Contributors David FrumJohn Avlon and Priorities USA Sr. Strategist Bill Burton. FULL POST

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September 24th, 2012
08:22 PM ET

Romney attacks Obama over 'bumps in the road' remark

Today at the UN general assembly in New York, Hillary Clinton met with the leaders of four countries where anti-American protests have broken out, including Libya where Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other americans were killed.

While secretary clinton met with world leaders, while President Barack Obama was noticeably absent. He scheduled no one-on-one meetings today with foreign officials.

Mitt Romney, meanwhile launched a new and aggressive attack on comments President Obama made to 60 minutes, in which he called the recent unrest in the middle east "bumps in the road:"

Is the criticism fair game or is it, as the white house calls it, "desperate" and "offensive?"

Outfront tonight: Colin Kahl, a Obama campaign foreign policy surrogate and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for the middle east.


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September 24th, 2012
08:10 PM ET

Ahmadinejad calls Israel 'a blip on the radar screen'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is New York City this week for the United Nations General Assembly. Ahmadinejad continues to make controversial comments against Israel.  CNN's Erin Burnett was with the Iranian president today and he took questions from a group of journalists at his hotel.

In his answers, he called Israel's threats to attack Iran's disputed nuclear program – in his words – a "blip on the radar screen."

Israel responds to Iran pres. comments

CNN's Erin Burnett deconstructs his latest comments and Israel's consul general, Ido Aharoni is OutFront with Israel's response to the Ahmadinejad's comments.


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