October 2nd, 2012
09:29 PM ET

Warnings signs missed prior to Libya attack: GOP calls for answers from Clinton on Libya Security

The Republican head of the House oversight committee Darrell Issa is charging warning signs were missed in the lead-up to the U.S. ambassador's death in Libya.

Briefing U.S. Amb. Stevens on Libya security situation

He's calling for congress to return for a special hearing next week. In the 3 page letter, Issa listed 13 security incidents and threats in Libya over the past 6 months.

Rep. Issa calls on Clinton to answer for Libya

OutFront tonight: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


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October 2nd, 2012
08:57 PM ET

New details in Libya investigation

Last night CNN reported that the White House chose to leave out key intelligence from information shared with the public about the attack so-called "talking points" that Ambassador Susan Rice used on Sunday talk shows emphasizing an "initial assessment" that the attack began as a spontaneous protest that the attack did not appear to be planned.

The White House's National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor tells CNN the White House was not involved in writing the memo.
CNN Foreign Affairs Reporter Elise Labott has been following this story and she's OutFront tonight.

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October 2nd, 2012
08:48 PM ET

American Airlines loose seat woes continues: Rows of loose seats found on six planes

We're learning there have been six instances where american airlines jets have had loose seats in the cabin.  Four were discovered during inspections and two instances occurred in the air and had to be diverted to New York's  John F. Kennedy airport.

A Federal Aviation Administration official from the agency tells CNN that in at least one of those incidents, there were other rows of seats that were not properly secured.

OutFront tonight: Mary Schiavo, former inspector general of the Transportation department.

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October 2nd, 2012
08:37 PM ET

Obama, Romney prep for crucial debate

In less than 24 hours, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will face each other for first time in the first of three presidential debates. Erin Burnett discusses the expectations for both candidates.

OutFront tonight: Romney Senior Adviser Barbara Comstock and Jen Psaki , Press Secretary for the Obama campaign.

October 2nd, 2012
08:28 PM ET

Can the debates swing Super PAC spending?

The candidates are certainly hoping to bring their A game tomorrow night, but exactly how important are these debates to voters? Can they swing the election?

We checked in with our independent political strike team.

Ken Vogel is one member of our political strike team who answered no to that question. But he does say they matter for another key reason: Super Pac spending.

OutFront tonight: Ken Vogel, Chief Investigative Reporter for POLITICO.


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