October 5th, 2012
08:09 PM ET

American Airlines blames debris-filled locking mechanisms for loose seats

Our fifth story OutFront – gunk.

American Airlines is now claiming soda and coffee spilled by passengers over time gunked up seat locking mechanisms, causing some sets of seats to come loose on at least three recent flights. The incidents forced the airline to take 48 Boeing 757 jets out of commission for repairs.

The airline initially explained that subcontractors had installed the saddle clamps on the seats improperly, which led some to question whether the airline's maintenance operations were being affected by its financial troubles. So what's behind this new explanation? And does it add up?

Bill McGee is the author of "Attention All Passengers: The Airlines' Dangerous Descent – and How to Reclaim Our Skies" and he comes OutFront tonight.

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October 5th, 2012
08:07 PM ET

Suspects in Libya attack reportedly detained in Turkey

Our 4th story OutFront – new developments in the Libya attack that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead.

Two suspects in the attack from Tunisia are being questioned in Turkey tonight in connection with the attack. CNN's Jill Dougherty has more.

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October 5th, 2012
08:01 PM ET

U.S. Navy continues war games in Persian Gulf as Iran floats deal to end nuclear development

Our 3rd story OutFront – rising tension with Iran.

Iranian officials surprised the world today as they announced they're discussing a plan to suspend production of weapons-grade uranium in exchange for the United States dropping some of the sanctions that have crippled Iran's economy in recent months. Their plummeting currency triggered rare protests in the streets of Tehran this week.

The catch? The White House isn't buying it. U.S. officials say that Iran's proposal doesn't contain enough oversight and accountability, and in the long run wouldn't guarantee that they wouldn't or couldn't develop a nuclear weapon.

Not only is the administration not accepting the deal, they're stepping up pressure in the form of ongoing military games in the Persian Gulf. CNN's Chris Lawrence is at the scene.

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October 5th, 2012
07:59 PM ET

Romney hits restart on key issues in push for middle class

Our 2nd story OutFront – Mitt Romney's full court press for the middle class.

Romney was campaigning in Virginia today, where he made another play for the all-important voting bloc, reminding the crowd of the Vice President's comments earlier this week that the middle class has been "buried" for the last four years.

That's to be expected, but last night on Fox News, he made another, more surprising plea to these same voters – he apologized for his comments about 47% of Americans who he said pay no income tax and feel entitled to government handouts.

So what's the real reason behind this mea culpa and his newfound focus on the middle class? And will it turn this race around? CNN contributor and columnist John Avlon, Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons, and former Pawlenty communications director Ann Marie Hauser come OutFront to discuss.

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October 5th, 2012
07:58 PM ET

The jobs numbers – a boost or a stumbling block for President Obama?

OutFront tonight – the war over work.

The jobs numbers released today had both President Obama and Mitt Romney spinning different stories about what exactly they mean for the future of our economy and our country.

First, Obama said it was clearly a very good sign, referencing the fact that the unemployment level was at its lowest level since he took office in early 2009. It currently sits a 7.8%, below the magic 8% line that we've mentioned many times would make it much harder for Obama to win re-election – no president has been re-elected with unemployment over 8% since FDR in the 1930s. FULL POST

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