October 18th, 2012
08:29 PM ET

Romney campaign moves out of North Carolina: "It's a head fake," says DNC

The Romney campaign today said it is starting to shift members of its team out of North Carolina. That's big news, because in 2008, President Barack Obama became the first democrat to carry the state in 32 years.

With Mitt Romney's widening lead in the polls, his campaign has decided to reshuffle its resources from North Carolina to crucial battleground states like Ohio.

OutFront tonight: Brad Woodhouse, Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee.Romney campaign begins shifting out of North Carolina

In a clear sign the campaign is confident about putting North Carolina back in the Republican column this year, Mitt Romney's campaign is moving its spokesman out of the state and plans to shift more staffers out in the coming days.

The spokesman, Robert Reid, will be moved to Ohio, which is increasingly viewed by both campaigns as the central battleground of the 2012 race.

"With the increasingly widening polls in North Carolina, we will continue to allocate resources, including key senior staff, to other states," said Romney spokeswoman Sarah Pompei.

The campaign is not pulling out of the state completely.


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  1. Blah blah the wheel's off your trailer

    So why is it that Mitt Romney is leading in the polls in North Carolina? Is it because President Obama inherited two wars and the worst economic crisis in modern history? Is it because the Obama administration has stabilized the economy and created 5.2 million private sector jobs, saved 1.2 million auto jobs and 21. million public sector jobs? Is it because the President has been able to pass AFC, making healthcare more affordable for all Americans? Is it because the President has reformed Wall Street, thereby safeguarding against another catastrophic economic meltdown? Is it because the President has ended the deadly and costly Iraqi war as promised and set a deadline to end the Afghan conflict? Is it because the President has strenghtened and safeguarded our national security by getting rid of Osama Bin laden and other al Qaeda operatives as promised? Is it because the President has been an advocate and champion for the middle class, for seniors, for women, for students, for gays and lesbians, for our men and women in uniform and for all Americans as a whole? What is it about the President you good folkes in North Carolina don't like?

    Do you hate our President because he has represented us so well and has governed with integrity, class and professionalism and with a great sense of compassion, dignity and respect for others? Is it because in the four years the right wingers have disrespected the President and his family and called them all sorts of hateful and derogatory names, never once has the President ever complained or demanded an apology? So what is it about President Obama you good folkes of North Carolina don't like. NO, it couldn't be because he's BLACK right? NO, it couldn't be.

    So what is it that you good folkes of North Carolina like so much about Mitt Romney? Is it because he said its not his job to worry about 47% of the American people? Is it because he said he's not concerned about the poor because of some sort of safety net? Is it because he said he likes to fire people? Is it because while he asks you and your family to trust him with your life and future and vote for him, he won't trust you to see what's in his tax returns? Is it because he says the rich should pay less taxes than the middle class? Is it because he has bankrupt companies, laid off American workers and shipped American jobs overseas? Is it because he has paid way less taxes than most of you, while hiding his profits in offshore accounts? Is it because as governor, Massachusetts finished 47th in job growth? Is it because he has refused to support the Lilly Ledbetter Act and an increase in the minimum wage? Is it because he and his republican friends have waged a gender war on women? Is it because he wants to drag us into more foreign wars? Is it because he wants to repeal the ACA? Is it because he wants to continue the very same failed Bush policies that has ruined us at home and abroad? Is it because he said its not worth moving heaven and earth to find Bin Laden, the mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil? Are these the reason why you good folkes of North Carolina are supporting Romney?

    Well, its not too late to change your mind though. Its your choice! Good luck.

    October 19, 2012 at 3:10 pm | Reply

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