December 4th, 2012
08:54 PM ET

OutTake: The annual cost of Santa's Christmas operation

Tonight's OutTake: the "true" cost of Santa's Christmas operation.

It's an interesting question – how much would North Pole toy production and distribution really add up to each year? Well, the U.S. accounting firm ParenteBeard ran the hypothetical numbers and came up with around $42.3 billion.

The largest cost was gift production, of course, but elf salaries, health benefits, utilities, and reindeer maintenance also factored into the total. How accurate are these numbers? OutFront tonight is Reihan Salam, writer for the National Review, with his take on the result.

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December 4th, 2012
08:38 PM ET

Anna Wintour rumored to be in line for ambassadorship

President Obama is about to shake up his diplomats, and a couple of prized positions could be open, including ambassadorships to France and the United Kingdom.

According to a Bloomberg report out today, on the shortlist for both is Anna Wintour, the very influential editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine since 1988.

She has been criticized for a demanding personality, but praised for keeping Vogue relevant in the ever-changing world of fashion for almost 25 years. Of course, that's probably not the reason she's being considered for the jobs. FULL POST

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December 4th, 2012
08:37 PM ET

Lawmakers allege "Zero Dark Thirty" filmmakers had access to confidential information

Our fifth story OutFront: a little too real?

"Zero Dark Thirty" is a new thriller coming out about the capture of Osama bin Laden, but this Hollywood re-telling has led to a very real federal investigation.

Two weeks before its set to open, the film itself has already gotten positive buzz from around the industry but a noticeably cooler reception in Washington, where Republicans are arguing that the Obama administration gave the directors and producers unprecedented access to confidential information about the now-famous raid.

CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr talked to the film's directors and administration officials and is OutFront with the story.

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December 4th, 2012
08:37 PM ET

Norquist shoots down talk of GOP infighting and presidential mandate to raise taxes

Our fourth story OutFront: dissension within the ranks.

It seems that not all Republican lawmakers and conservative groups are in lockstep with House Speaker John Boehner and his approach to the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Earlier I spoke with one GOP House member who hasn't exactly been on the same wavelength as the Speaker recently, Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), who has called for the immediate extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for those making under $250,000 as a way to protect most of the American public should a larger deal not materialize before the end of the year. FULL POST

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December 4th, 2012
08:36 PM ET

Royal baby to end royal discrimination in United Kingdom

Our third story OutFront: royal baby mania.

Yesterday's news about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge is still gripping the United Kingdom, and it may have prompted an end to royal discrimination against girls.

Britain's current law of succession states that if the couple have a girl for their first child and a boy for their second, the boy would automatically jump the girl in the line for the throne.

But for the first time in history, their first child will become the monarch after Prince William regardless of gender. Just today the British Deputy Prime Minister said that the law is expected to be altered soon, and definitely before the baby is born.

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