December 5th, 2012
04:22 PM ET

Aimee Copeland joins Erin Burnett OutFront to discuss her miraculous recovery

The Georgia woman who contracted a deadly flesh-eating disease continues to beat the odds. A zip line accident forever changed the life of 24-year-old Aimee Copeland, but it never took her spirit.

Aimee Copeland's father on her recovery: 'She's determined to not be handicapped'

Last May, the zip line Copeland was holding snapped. She fell and what seemed to be a simple gash on her leg - it took 22 staples to close - was actually much more serious. Still in pain days later, doctors determined she had a rare flesh-eating bacteria called Necrotizing Fascitis. The disease ravaged her body, forcing doctors to amputate her hands, both feet and her left leg.

Aimee Copeland's miraculous recovery

OutFront tonight: CNN's Erin Burnett reminds us of the story that captured the hearts of many Americans and talks to Aimee Copeland about her miraculous recovery.

Tune to Erin Burnett OutFront 7p & 11p ET on CNN.

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