December 19th, 2012
08:23 PM ET

Therapy dogs arrive in Newtown to offer comfort to children coping with tragedy

Erin Burnett highlights how therapy dogs are bringing comfort to children affected by the Newtown massacre.

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Controversial gun debate: Arming our public school teachers?
December 19th, 2012
01:27 PM ET

Controversial gun debate: Arming our public school teachers?

As the nation moves away from the day 27 lives were forever changed by 20-year-old Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut, - the question that remains is how do we prevent this horrific act from happening again.

Lanza first killed his mother in her home, then forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 26 people including 20 children, and finally taking his own life.

Should have Sandy Hook's teachers been armed?

Two CNN contributors wrote opinion pieces Wednesday on the controversial debate of arming public school teachers.

LZ Granderson writes that allowing concealed weapons in places like schools and churches would just result in more tragedy, not less.

William Bennett writes having armed and trained people could help protect schools and other vulnerable places from gun violence.

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