December 21st, 2012
02:24 PM ET

After Boehner fails to rally his troops for "Plan B," is he the right the man for the House's top job?

On Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner failed to gain support from GOP colleagues for his "Plan B"  proposal to avert the fiscal cliff, the automatic tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts set to take effect January 1. As of now, Congress has left for the holiday, indicating we are nowhere near a deal.

Boehner leading GOP to the apocalypse

With Boehner's failure to clinch a deal with President Obama or rally his own party around his proposal  - is the speaker the right man for the GOP?

OutFront tonight: Tim Carney, senior political columnist for the Washington Examiner and Matt Lewis, senior contributor for the DailyCaller.com

Tune to Erin Burnett OutFront at 7p and 11p ET on CNN.

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