January 17th, 2013
08:31 PM ET

"I should have known better," says Buzz Bissinger on being "deluded" for believing Lance Armstrong

Buzz Bissinger is the author of "Friday Night Lights" and is a reporter for Newsweek and the Daily Beast.

Last August he wrote the cover story titled "I Still Believe in Lance Armstrong,"  but now he says it makes him cringe.  He is Outfront.

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January 17th, 2013
08:20 PM ET

Rebranding the GOP with the help of Domino's Pizza

Members of the House Republican party are meeting at a two-day retreat in Virginia. Members worked on crafting a new strategy to appeal to America.

They are looking for a source inspiration - is the answer Domino's Pizza CEO J. Patrick Doyle?

OutFront tonight: CNN Contributor John Avlon.

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January 17th, 2013
02:13 PM ET

NRA's power over Democrats: Obama faces uphill battle with Congress

President Obama signed 23 executive actions Wednesday that he says will strengthen gun control.

Obama announces 23 executive actions, asks Congress to pass gun laws

President Obama also called on Congress to do more.

"This will be difficult. There will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists publicly warning of a tyrannical all out assault on liberty."

President Obama added, "Not because that's true, but because they want to gen up fear or higher ratings or revenue for themselves and behind the scenes, they'll do everything they can to block any common sense reform and make sure nothing changes whatsoever."

One of special interest lobbyist is the National Rifle Association - calling the president's recommendations  "feel good proposals that won't work."

The NRA is not only a powerful force among Republicans, the organization is also influential among Democrats. One of them - the top Democrat in the Senate, Harry Reid.

John Avlon is looking into the Majority Leader's ties with the NRA. He's OutFront.

Should the president be worried about members of his own party too?

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January 17th, 2013
01:24 PM ET

Widow of Aurora shooting victim files lawsuit against James Holmes' doctor

The widow of 26-year-old James Blunk, victim of the Aurora movie theater shooting filed a lawsuit against the psychiatrist who treated accused gunman James Holmes.

The lawsuit alleges Dr. Lynne Fenton knew Holmes was dangerous and failed to protect the public.

Dr. Fenton treated Holmes at the university of Colorado, Denver - the school is also named in the lawsuit.

OutFront tonight: Forensic Psychologist Robyn Landow and CNN Legal Contributor Paul Callan.

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