January 22nd, 2013
09:00 PM ET

Pres. Obama's response to Algeria crisis: "Blame for this tragedy rests with the terrorists"

Erin Burnett discusses President Obama's handling of the Algeria hostage crisis. The President issued a paper statement, while Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out at least three times against the militant terrorist attack.

"The world needs to come together to deal with this threat in North Africa," Cameron said on the 20th of January.

Britain, like the United States, has lost three citizens in the crisis.

OutFront tonight: Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware - chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on African Affairs.


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January 22nd, 2013
08:49 PM ET

Algeria hostages speaks out: "We knew it was a bad situation"

The family of one of the American victims of the Algeria hostage crisis spoke out Tuesday. Victor Lovelady's brother and daughter told the world a bit more about the man they lost.

"I just want to know how my brother died.it means a lot to me. They told us they don't think he suffered and I want to know that because that's closure for me," Mike Lovelady said.

"My whole life he always told me good things happen to good people. And I was a good persona and good things were going to happen for me." Erin Lovelady added, "He always told us that and that's what makes this so hard because of how good he was and that he didn't deserve that."

We're also now hearing more from those hostages who did survive.

CNN's Nic Robertson has their stories.

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January 22nd, 2013
08:39 PM ET

Fears of retaliation against Britain after Prince Harry acknowledges killing Taliban fighters

There are concerns the Taliban may be seeking revenge after Prince Harry revealed he killed Taliban fighters during his helicopter missions Afghanistan.

"Take a life to save a life that's what we sort of revolve around I suppose, if the people are trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game," Harry said.

Prince Harry's tour of duty is over.

CNN's Nic Robertson has the story.

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