January 25th, 2013
09:42 PM ET

GOP's plan to change electoral college rules

Republicans in a number of states that President Obama carried in November are looking to change the way the electoral votes in their states are distributed.

It's a switch that could give the GOP a huge advantage in 2016 and beyond.

OutFront tonight: CNN Contributor Reihan Salam and Roland Martin.

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January 25th, 2013
09:04 PM ET

Gov. Bobby Jindal criticizes fellow Republicans: 'Stop being the stupid party'

Louisiana Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Bobby Jindal accused the party of being 'stupid' at a gathering of Republicans Thursday night.

" We have to stop being the stupid party, it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults." Jindal added, It's time for us to articulate our plans and our visions for america in real terms. It's no secret we've had a number of republicans this year damage our brands with bizarre and offensive comments. I'm here to say we've had enough of that."

CNN Political Director Mark Preston has the story. FULL POST

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January 25th, 2013
08:57 PM ET

Why the fascination with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer?

In Davos, Switzerland, the world's movers and shakers clamored to hear from Yahoo CEO's Marissa Mayer at the World Economic Forum.

A lot people wanted to hear from Mayer, it was standing room only - with people waiting in line out the door. And the demand for the event's live stream caused the online site to crash.

Mayer was a Google executive when she was tapped to run Yahoo last July. At 37, she not only was the youngest chief executive of a Fortune 500 company - she was also 6 months pregnant.

Last September, she gave birth to a baby boy - two weeks later, she returned to her demanding job.

OutFront tonight: CNN International's Richard Quest.

Erin Burnett asked why the interest in Mayer?

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January 25th, 2013
12:24 PM ET

Australian goat fought the law... and the goat won

A judge rules that Australians can eat all the flowers they want. Erin Burnett reports

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