February 5th, 2013
09:38 PM ET

Cat-astrophic threat? Scientists declare war on kitties

Scientists with the Smithsonian Institute say they have produced statistical evidence that euthanasia and/or mass-sterilization may be the only way to keep a dangerous cat population from destroying the country's wildlife.

According to a new study, every single year in this country, cats stalk and kill 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals.

That's two to four times higher than previously believed. And pretty specific, like out a decimal point specific.

Which brings us to tonight's number: Give or take a few billion. FULL POST

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February 5th, 2013
09:13 PM ET

Chris Christie trade fat jokes with Letterman, answers critics

New Jersey Governor Christie poked fun as his weight last night in an interview with CBS's David Letterman. Letterman started the interview by referencing previous jokes he's made about the governor.

"I've made jokes about you. Not just one or two. Not just on going here or there. Intermittent," Letterman said on the CBS's "The Late Show With David Letterman."

In the middle of Letterman's question, Christie pulled out a donut and took a bite out of it.

OutFront tonight: Emme, Model and Author and Fitness Expert Simone DeLaRue.


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February 5th, 2013
08:55 PM ET

Alabama hostage survivor released from hospital

One day after the 5-year-old Alabama boy was freed from captivity, the FBI has released the first photos showing the site of the underground bunker where he was held for six days.

Principal: Ethan will bounce back

The area is now tented to protect evidence and investigators say two bombs were discovered inside the bunker.

This as we learn new details about the daring rescue operation. Martin Savidge has the story. FULL POST

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February 5th, 2013
08:45 PM ET

Mormon influence on Boy Scouts as organization reconsiders gay ban

EDITORIAL NOTE: Boy Scout leaders put off vote on gay membership - releasing a statement, saying  "the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy." The decision will now be made at the organization's annual meeting in May.

More than 15% of the 2.7 million registered boy scouts are members of the Mormon church, which does not recognize same-sex marriage as legitimate.

Will their influence in the youth organization impact a controversial vote to eliminate the ban on gays in the boy scouts?

National board member met Tuesday to discuss the ban and may vote tomorrow on the issue as early as Wednesday.

OutFront tonight: McKay Coppins is a political reporter for Buzzfeed and is also a Mormon. He's been digging on the issue and is OutFront. FULL POST

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February 5th, 2013
08:32 PM ET

Rep. Adam Schiff wants to end immunity for gun makers; they "should be held accountable"

Civil lawsuits against gun makers are rare because of a law that gives most gun manufacturers and dealers immunity from being sued.

Gun makers, help keep weapons out of criminals' hands

The law was passed back in 2005 after heavy lobbying from the NRA and the gun industry. But that could change if Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff has his way.

OutFront tonight: Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

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