February 18th, 2013
09:35 PM ET

Duck Hunter's million dollar IDEA takes aim at camo industry

It took three decades before Steve Maloney, duck hunter turned entrepreneur asked himself why he was wearing camouflage designed for hunting deer.

It turned out to be a million-dollar IDEA, one that was hidden in plain sight all along.

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February 18th, 2013
09:21 PM ET

World's Largest Yacht Docks in New York City

The world's largest yacht docks in New York City. Erin Burnett gives us a look at the $1.5 billion boat, the Eclipse.

What would you do with $1.5 billion?

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February 18th, 2013
09:05 PM ET

Coast Guard: Fuel leak sparked cruise ship fire, no sign blaze was intentional

The Coast Guard says a leak in a fuel-oil return line started the fire that stranded more than 4200 passengers and crew at sea for five days last week aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph.

The ship was on the third day of a four-day cruise from Galveston, Texas, to Mexico when the fire broke out, knocking out the ship's electricity.

The Triumph was eventually towed into port in Mobile, Alabama Thursday night.

CNN's Sandra Endo has the story.

February 18th, 2013
08:58 PM ET

Diving for meteorites in frozen Russian sea

The meteor that exploded over Russia last week left behind a thousand injured people, piles of broken glass and some incredible video.

The explosion left behind an unknown number of tiny meteorites, which could be 40 times as valuable as gold.

Phil Black is in the Ural Mountains where professionals and amateur prospectors alike are looking for the space rocks.

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February 18th, 2013
08:50 PM ET

President Obama catches flak for lack of access to golf round with Tiger Woods

President Obama is catching a lot of flak for his off-the-record golf round with Tiger Woods. The White House blocked the press access to the golf game.

CNN was able to get this grainy, long distance footage of the president playing golf. But the White House press corps expressed "extreme frustration" over the lack of access to the president throughout the rest of his holiday weekend.

OutFront tonight: Reihan Salam, CNN contributor and writer for the National Review and Rosa Brooks, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration.

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