March 15th, 2013
10:37 PM ET

Arby's responds to OutFront's Facebook story

Arby's responds to Erin Burnett's story about Facebook. What her love of potato cakes and dislike of curly fries say about her.

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March 15th, 2013
10:28 PM ET

Erin Burnett tries on the hot new accessory - Kate Middleton's nose

The latest accessory is Kate Middleton's nose. Erin Burnett was teased about her nose and imagines Kate's nose on her face.

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March 15th, 2013
10:13 PM ET

U.S. to bolster missile defense system in response to North Korea's saber rattling

On the same day North Korea fired a short-range missile in to the sea of Japan, defense secretary Chuck Hagel announces the U.S. is boosting its missile defense system.

"The United States has missile defense systems in place to protect us from limited ICBM attacks but North Korea in particular has recently made advance in its capabilities and has engaged in a series of irresponsible and reckless provocations," Hagel said.

Last month, the rogue nation conducted an underground nuclear bomb test. Just this week, the North Korean government threatened to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the U.S.

The government also scrapped the 1953 armistice with South Korea that ended the Korean war.

OutFront tonight: Former General James "Spider" Marks and Gordon Chang, the author of , Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World.

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March 15th, 2013
10:06 PM ET

Obama mixed messages on the impact of forced spending cuts

Erin Burnett talks to Dan Pfeiffer - Senior Advisor to President Obama about reality versus rhetoric when it comes to the impact of $1.2 billion in forced spending cuts that went into effect.


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March 15th, 2013
09:53 PM ET

Sen. Portman's reversal on gay marriage stirs up GOP

Staunch conservative Rob Portman, a senator from Ohio who was on Mitt Romney's short list for vice president - says he's dropping his opposition to same-sex marriage after his own son came out.

He shared his story, exclusively, with our Dana Bash.

"My son came to Jane and I and said he was gay and that it was not a choice and that it's who he was and he's been that way ever since he could remember, and that launched an interesting process for me which was rethinking my position. I've come to the conclusion for me, I think this is something we should allow people to do, to get married, and to have the joy and stability of marriage that I've ha. I want all three children to have it including my son who is gay."

The Senator's reversal – puts him at odds with every other Republican senator now serving.

Will Portman's change of heart change any minds?

Outfront tonight: Ken Blackwell - he's a longtime friend of Rob Portman's and the former Ohio Secretary of State. And CNN contributor Reihan Salam, who writes for National Review.

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