April 11th, 2013
09:36 PM ET

Intel: N. Korea can launch nuclear attack

CNN has learned that the Pentagon's intelligence arm has assessed with "moderate confidence" that North Korea has the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon by ballistic missile.

N. Korea may be able to deliver nuke, Pentagon intel says

OutFront tonight: Chris Lawrence is working his sources at the Pentagon and Kyung Lah is in Seoul.

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April 11th, 2013
09:26 PM ET

Is Mexico Barbie stylish or stereotypical?

There's a new collection of dolls hitting store shelves, they're called the Barbie Dolls of the World. There is one from Mexico that has some people upset.

According to Mattel – the doll comes in their words "dressed for a fabulous fiesta in her vibrant pink dress with ruffles, lace, and brightly colored ribbon accents." She also comes with a Chihuahua - that has some calling out the company for being racially insensitive.

Mattel is standing by the doll, saying Mexico Barbie is 1 of 100 Barbie Dolls of the World. Current dolls wear a country-inspired outfit and have a passport and animal.

Is the doll offensive or just creative?

OutFront Tonight: CNN Contributor Reihan Salam, Radio show host Stephanie Miller and political comedian Dean Obeidellah.

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April 11th, 2013
09:10 PM ET

Ted Nugent on proposed gun law: "I don't support the bill, it's a feel good measure"

The senate voted 68-31 to overcome a Republican-led filibuster and will begin the most significant debate on new gun legislation in almost two decades.
The vote comes a day after a bipartisan deal to expand background checks on purchases at gun shows and the Internet, but does not include personal transfers.

Nugent: Take guns from mentally unstable

The NRA rejected the proposed gun bill saying it "would unfairly infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners."

OutFront tonight: Ted Nugent - the legendary rocker has more than 200 guns and is one of the NRA's most vocal supporters.

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April 11th, 2013
08:52 PM ET

Liberal group accused of taping Sen. McConnell's conversation

A Kentucky Democratic official says the liberal group "Progress Kentucky" is behind leaked recordings of Senator Mitch McConnell plotting campaign strategy.

Earlier in the week, the FBI investigation into how the recordings ended up in the hands of a reporter at a liberal magazine.

CNN's Jim Acosta has the story.

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April 11th, 2013
08:46 PM ET

Did Jay-Z throw Obama under bus over Cuba trip?

Rapper Jay Z took to the mic today - releasing a rap titled "Open Letter" in which he responded to critics who questioned the legality of his trip to Cuba this week.

In the song, Jay Z also alludes to having a conversation about the trip with the president:

"Boy from the 'hood, I got White House clearance. Obama said chill you gonna get me impeached. You don't need this – s***t- anyway. Chill with me on the beach."

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/87385010" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Well after that song was released, the White House was quick to distance itself from Jay Z's trip.

"I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury because Treasury offers and gives licenses for travel, as you know, and the white house has nothing to do with it." White House Press Secretary Jay Carney added, "I am absolutely saying the president on down had nothing to do with anybody's personal - anybody's travel to Cuba. That is something that Treasury handles."

OutFront Tonight: CNN Contributor Ari Fleischer - White House press secretary under president George W. Bush and  CNN Contributor, LZ Granderson.

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