June 24th, 2013
09:16 PM ET

Snowden tests U.S. relationships: White House asks Russia to hand him over; rebukes China

The Obama administration pressed Russia Monday to turn over NSA leaker Edward Snowden, while rebuking China over letting him escape to Moscow.

President Barack Obama told reporters Monday that the United States is pursuing all legal channels to bring Snowden back. And White House spokesman Jay Carney said U.S. officials are reaching out to numerous countries in an effort to have Snowden turned over.

Fair trial impossible in U.S., Snowden tells Ecuador in asylum request

"The U.S. is advising these governments that Mr. Snowden is wanted on felony charges and as such should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel other than is necessary to return him here to the United States," he said.

A senior administration official tells CNN that FBI Director Robert Mueller called his counterpart at Russia's Federal Security Service twice Monday concerning Snowden. But so far, Russia isn't saying much.

Russian news agency Interfax quoted an unnamed source as saying Moscow could not arrest or deport Snowden because he had not entered Russian territory – meaning he was probably still in the transit area at Moscow's airport. But what does this say about President Obama's influence on the world stage?

Outfront tonight: Peter Brookes, former deputy assistant secretary of defense under President George W. Bush and Hilary Rosen is a Democratic strategist and CNN Political Contributor.

June 24th, 2013
08:51 PM ET

Murder case hinges on same-sex union: Woman wants to invoke spousal privilege

A murder case in Kentucky hinges on the debate over same-sex marriage. 

At issue: Whether the partner of an accused killer can be forced to testify against the woman she calls her wife - or be allowed to refuse - like any other spouse.

The outcome could mean the difference between life and death row.

CNN's John Zarrella has the story.

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June 24th, 2013
08:40 PM ET

Jim Carrey slams his movie: He says "cannot support" violence in "Kick-Ass 2"

51-year-old actor Jim Carrey is criticizing the violent content in his latest action movie "Kick-Ass 2" after the Newtown school shooting.

He told his 10-million twitter followers:

But does Carrey's reasoning for rejecting his movie, add up?

Outfront tonight: CNN opinion writer and comedian Dean Obeidallah, Republican strategist Hogan Gidley and CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan who has represented celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino and Michelle Rodriguez.


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June 24th, 2013
08:22 PM ET

Zimmerman trial starts with F-Bombs and knock-knock joke

An F-bomb and a joke that bombed. That was the shocking start to George Zimmerman's Trial.

Both sides laid out their opening arguments to a jury of six women. The racially charged trial coming 16 months after Zimmerman shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin.

It became clear the moment the prosecution and defense went head to head - that they both had very different and distinct approaches when it came to driving home their point.

David Mattingly is OutFront with their unique styles.

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June 24th, 2013
04:58 PM ET

Supreme Court sends affirmative action to lower court

What do you think of the court's decision? Share your thoughts in a short video on CNN iReport.

Supreme Court punted on Texas affirmative action ruling?

In a 7 to 1 decision - the Supreme Court sends the case back to the lower courts for review. The asserted the use of race in the admissions process, but made it harder for institutions to use such policies to achieve diversity.

Read the decision (.PDF)

Abigail Noel Fisher  filed the lawsuit against Texas University for rejecting her application in 2008 when she was a a high school student in Sugar Land, Texas.

She claims it was because she is white and that she was being treated differently than some less-qualified minority students who were accepted.

In a statement after the ruling Fisher said, "I am grateful to the justices for moving the nation closer to the day when a student's race isn't used at all in college admissions."

A profile of ex-student who's challenging university's affirmative action policy

OutFront tonight: Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Tune to Erin Burnett OutFront at 7p ET on CNN.

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