July 2nd, 2013
08:14 PM ET

Parks: Trayvon Martin family is confident of conviction in Zimmerman trial

Ashleigh Banfield talks to Daryl Parks, attorney for the Trayvon Martin family about the latest in the Zimmerman trial.

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  1. Luciano Giusti

    The bottom line is that Zimmerman was told by the police dcepartment NOT TO FOLLOW Trayvon – but he did anyway. Therefore he is responsible for his death. Had he left him alone and gone away, like he was told to do, Trayvon would be alive today. All of the other stuff is irrelevant. Who was on top, whose voice is on the 911 tape, what the gunshot wound is like – irrelevant! He did not do as he was told and a death resulted – he is responsible for this! Was Trayvon an angel – no way! And that is also irrelevant!
    Somebody starts to follow me – what do people expect?? I'm gonna wonder what the deuce their intentions are and defend myself!
    Murder? Manslaughter?? Just pick one.... he is responsible! He did not do as the police instructed him to do! Why is this not being said over and over???

    July 9, 2013 at 8:18 pm | Reply
  2. john

    There was an eye witness, Mr. Good, who said he saw Trayvon on top; he also said Zimmerman was calling for help. The fact Trayvon, aside from the bullet wound, had no injuries should confirm Trayvon was the attacker, which justifies the claim of self defense.

    July 7, 2013 at 6:00 pm | Reply
  3. Cince and Lew

    Why are 2 key pieces of Evidence not being used, the Ice Tea can and the skittles, would not one of these be damaged if there was some great tussle between the two of them. If, if Travon was on top, then would he not bend or dent the thin aluminum of the can somehow? Would the candy be smashed or cracked if pressed hard against?

    July 4, 2013 at 7:51 pm | Reply
  4. margaret walker

    zim is a liar and he can't tell a straight story and the prosecutors aren't fighting hard enough. they are making a fool out of the martin family. who speaks for Trayvon. think about it. Zimmerman can't tell the truth because he will go to jail so he made up these inconsistent lies. Trayvon can't tell his side. if he was on top of Zimmerman where are the grass stains on his pant knees. if u r laying down ON YOUR BACK(Zimmerman) how would the blood run down your head. it would not. it would be smeared in the struggle. Zimmerman said that Trayvon straddled him as he was on top with his hands over his nose and mouth. Think about it, what was Zimmerman doing while this kid was holding his hands over his face. then Zimmerman shot him point blank and then Trayvon said "I give up you got me". Play the tape until you get it. Duh!! He told on his self he don't need to take the stand. Zimmerman is obviously smarter than you. they r laughing at the state. the so called friends of his. his is so hurtful. we have a dead teenager. how in the earth can Zimmerman justify that. kill him. all blacks aren't criminals. I would run to if someone was following me. this kid was scared. he was a kid. He had to try and defend himself he was in a survival state. That is the problem with some people they feel that they r above the law and that they can be a vigilantly. he got out his car in pursuit. This never would of happened if he had of did what he was told. He said that he got out of the car to see the street number. idiots. he lived there. Be for real, where was the brick, Hands up!? I behave a bad feeling about this whole thing. how many times r we going to let people get away with murder. Trayvon is lying in his grave. Zimmerman is fighting for his life of freedom. but remember one thing Zimmerman god sees all and knows the truth and you will pay the price one way or another for the innocent blood you shed. A mother knows her child's voice. I can only imagine how scared the kid must of been. shame on you. may his cry for help haunt you all the days of your life.

    July 3, 2013 at 12:47 am | Reply
    • dave

      One less problem out there

      July 7, 2013 at 7:14 am | Reply
      • MARGARET

        shame on u. a life is a life. who gives zim or anyone the right to take a life. he could of prevented the whole thing if he had of done what he was instructed to do. and the child would still b here. I've followed the whole case and the prosecution is week. they haven't asked the questions that seem to b so obvious. they actually suck. that is why zim will get away without a murder conviction, but I tell you he will pay dearly for the blood that he shed of that child. all the defense and their witnesses talk about is how a 16 yr. old beat zimm almost to death that he should fear for his life. I tell you this day that he did what anyone including you would of done to try and survive. lesson for u is DON'T STEREO TYPE PEOPLE BCAUSE OF THEIR RACE,COLOR. God deffinetly will repay zimm and people like him for all the deeds that they do. I hope that u will see it. everyone gets their just do rewards. he can lie to the people but not to God. He will b tormented. and I hope that if u should have a son all b well with him. u just don't no.

        July 9, 2013 at 8:45 pm | Reply
    • jonbme

      The prosecution is doing what they can with what little they have to work with. There is no evidence to speak of, and almost everything in your little diatribe is pure fiction made up by someone who desperately wants Zimmerman to be guilty. If you truly follow the evidence, you know the Zimmerman cannot be convicted. You are living in pure fantasy land, and you ignore all hard evidence that exonerates Zimmerman, and you grasp at every bit of weak evidence that only possibly could support Trayvon (as long as it is mixed with a lot of story telling to fill in the huge gaps). It's shameful, really.

      July 7, 2013 at 11:13 pm | Reply
      • john

        It takes experience to be on a jury. I just say my teeth are breaking apart and I have to do the dental work. They have not notified me in over 2 years. That and I react adversely to even being near an accused rapist. What the girls on that jury react to is what the defendants story is. It may have been the same guy that passed by me running away from another rape. I had so much work at the time that I could not really do another 200 yards to check on screaming. My question was why not take the deal of 12 years? He got 30. Now take george zimmerman. His story has some problems. Not everyone needs a crazy night watchman. He was told not to do that. I believe the calls included from the sanford police "Are you going to shoot at the heart area?" implied only.

        July 9, 2013 at 5:10 am | Reply
    • Gaston Kayonga

      Great argument... If I were the judge of T.Martin and G.Zimmerman's case; I could allow u to presente your argument to prosecutors..

      July 9, 2013 at 8:41 pm | Reply

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