August 27th, 2013
09:12 PM ET

Zimmerman wants $200,000 from Florida for court costs

George Zimmerman's legal team said they plan to ask the state of Florida for a reimbursement of between $200,00 and $300,000 in legal fees.

George Zimmerman to ask for $200,000 from Florida for court costs

That would cover the cost of his defense team's expert witnesses, transcripts, and other expenses - which he rang up before he was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin last month.

David Mattingly is OutFront with the story.

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August 27th, 2013
08:18 PM ET

Montana teacher gets 30 days in prison for raping teen

A former Montana teacher is serving just 30 days in prison for raping his 14-year-old student who later committed suicide.

Forty-nine-year-old Stacey Dean Rambold was looking at 15 years in jail back in 2008.

But a judge suspended almost his entire sentence because he claimed the 14-year-old girl was "as much in control of the situation" as he was. Rambold added, the girl was "older than her chronological age."

OutFront: Dr. Drew Pinksy, Host of HLN's DR. Drew ON CALL.

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August 27th, 2013
12:38 PM ET

NSA officers admit to spying on love interests

According to reports, National Security Agency officers admitted using the agency's eavesdropping powers to spy on their own romantic partners and spouses.

Jessica Yellin has the story.

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