September 2nd, 2013
10:54 PM ET

James DiMaggio's sister speaks out: I want the truth

The sister of James DiMaggio is speaking out.

Last August, DiMaggio abducted 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and allegedly murdered her mother and brother.

But DiMaggio's sister insists that may not be the case.

OutFront: DiMaggio's sister Lora DiMaggio and Andrew Spanswick the DiMaggio Family Spokesman.

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  1. CT

    I add my voice to Hannah's in her assessment of Lora DiMaggio. I suspect Hannah called Lora what she is: a liar. Lora thought she could attack a just turned 16 year old child and get away with it during her Piers Morgan interview. I was shocked at Lora's behavior during that interview. Piers Morgan was shocked as well at Lora's blathering on about Hannah and he said just before the break that he did not expect Lora to say what she said. I thought Piers was actually going to say what was written all over his face: "Lora, based on everything you've said to us prior to this interview, you're lying now." In both interviews, Lora glaringly failed to mention her 40 year old brother's financial and emotional instablility. His only marriage back in 2002-2003 lasted six months. The wife divorced him because within that tiny time span, he changed so drastically from the person he was prior to the marriage to what he suddenly became once married. Watch it: Ex-wife's live interview, Nancy Grace. Her brother lived with Hannah's grandmother for approximately two years to save money so he could buy his house in 2009. Lora said he punched the clock for 20 years at Scripps Research, but he had to live with Hannah's grandmother for two years. 2007-2009, because he couldn't afford to either rent or buy his own place after 15 years of steady employment? Lora never mentioned that because it goes DiMaggio inabiltliy to manage money and his long term financial instablility. Moving forward to the most recent stressors that moved him over the edge: he had just totaled his "beloved Ford Mustang" (Spanswick's words), he lost his job, and he was losing his house to forclosure. Why do grown men suddenly go "Postal"? Because they cannot deal with the burden of their lives, and typically, one last thing, the straw that broke the camel's back, such as loss of a job, sends them over the edge. He lost his car, job and house and could not bear to walk away from Hannah and her family. Hannah's father had moved to Tennessee and asked Lora's 40 year old brother to take care of the family. Unemployed, he had nothing but time on his hands. After DiMaggio verbalized his crush on Hannah, all of Hannah's friends said she did not want to be alone with him. His only lifeline was now rejecting him as she moved away from his as father, uncle figure, into her teen aged friends, and away from his creepiness. He had no other friends or they would have come forward by now. He clearly was a loner who inserted himself into the Anderson family and was angry at Hannah's parents as he indicated they were too unstable to manage the proceeds of his life insurance so he left it to Hannah's grandmother. Plus Hannah's father left California and expected DiMaggio to step into his shoes. As for Lora and Spanswick nattering about all of their questions, there are no relevant unanswered questions. The FBI, US Marshalls and the homicide unit detectives worked on this case constantly until they found Hannah with DiMaggio and his cat. Based on that investigation, including the 13 letters, the handwritten note, and the telephone calls, the State's attorneys filed charges against DiMaggio for homicide and the court issued a $1 million warrant for the arrest of DiMaggio. One could quibble and speculate for years over "unanswered questions" but all of those law enforement agencies, including the FBI, based on their investigation, never waivered from the fact that Hannah was a victim in every sense of the word. And Lora DiMaggio has the audicity to say Hannah was wearing too much makeup? Lora clearly recognized her 40 year old brother's obsession with his surrogate daughter and it bothered her. Now she's trying her best to protect her own young children from the monster her brother suddenly became. How else is she to explain to them other than it was obviously a barely turned 16 year old daughter who did this, not your Uncle Jim who rescued cats but took his favorite on the run so he could kill it, too? Her father attempted the same violent abduction of a 16 year old girl who rejected him. Now Lora has to somehow explain both grandfather and uncle to her kids so she attacks Hannah? Get real. I note that Hannah has stood on her own. Lora always has her mouthpiece, Spanswick, by her side and doing the talking for her. She is completely suspect in hiding her knowledge of how truly unstable her 40 year old unemployed brother was. I add my voice to Hannah's.

    September 8, 2013 at 10:32 pm | Reply
  2. Natasha Armstrong

    Thousands of us have the same questions, and a lot more. The entire story does not "smell" right, and gut feelings are strong in the public arena. For those of you who think that a 16-year old is not capable of complicity in crime, you need to do your due diligence, and research crimes committed by underage individuals.

    September 4, 2013 at 8:39 am | Reply

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