November 5th, 2013
08:53 PM ET

Incognito caught on cam yelling N-word

Video obtained by CNN appears to show Miami Dolphins football player Richie Incognito yelling the N-word and other expletives during an outing with teammates at a bar.

Incognito has been suspended from the Dolphins amid allegations he bullied teammate Jonathan Martin with racial slurs and threats of physical violence.

NFL Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito after complaints by teammate

Many in the league, including former NFL coach Tony Done-gee, say Incognito had a reputation for being a problem player.

In college, Incognito was suspended or dismissed three times. And in 2009, the Rams released him after two personal foul penalties and an altercation with the coach.

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November 5th, 2013
08:31 PM ET

Five shocking admissions made by politicians

(CNN) After months of dodging allegations, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted Tuesday he smoked crack cocaine about a year ago - probably, he said, during a "drunken stupor."

"Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. But ... do I? Am I an addict? No," Ford said.

Ford's controversial admission of smoking crack adds to a long line of politicians who were forced to come clean to the public with their indiscretions.

Here are few shocking confessions made by politicians:

5. John Edwards apologizes for affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter

Former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards admitted in 2008 to an extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker hired by his presidential campaign. He denied being the father of her child until 2010.

4. New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigns over prostitution scandal

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned from the empire state's top office after it was discovered he was involved in a prostitution ring. According to reports, Spitzer spent thousands of dollars over a period of several years as a patron of a high-priced prostitution service called Emperors Club VIP.

3. Mark Sanford admits to an extramarital affair with an Argentinian mistress: "I've been unfaithful to my wife"

Former South Carolina Mark Sanford disappeared for more than four days without any communication with his staff and family. Sanford told his staff that he would be hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but was in Argentina with his then-mistress.

2. Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress amid sexting scandal

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was thought to be a front-runner to succeed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013, but an inappropriate communication, which included lewd photos between himself and women he befriended on Facebook and Twitter. Weiner would deny the accusations. In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Weiner said he was hacked.

"Hundreds and thousands of times, just about every week, people have spam and hacking that goes on. It seems like I was a victim of that."

1. Bill Clinton: "I did have a relationship with Monica Lewinsky that was not appropriate."

Bill Clinton spent nearly six months denying the affair with the then 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. One of his best-known sound-bites denying the affair came at a White House press conference, with his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton standing by his side.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky"

Which politician admission would you consider the most shocking?

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November 5th, 2013
08:10 PM ET

Prison Inmates: MacNeill confessed to killing without actually saying it

Damaging testimony from three federal inmates who said Martin MacNeill just about confessed to his wife's death while serving time for identity theft.

The inmates say the former Utah doctor often boasted that authorities could never his wife was murdered.

Jean Casarez is OutFront with their testimony.


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