December 20th, 2013
09:32 PM ET

SeaWorld defends treatment of Orcas in the wake of "Blackfish" backlash

Seaworld is launching a counterattack against criticism over the documentary film "Blackfish", which casts a critical eye on the park's treatment of killer whales.

In a full-page ad published Friday in eight of the largest newspapers in the United States, SeaWorld pushed back, "It's time to set the record straight."

SeaWorld takes out ads to defend itself against whale mistreatment accusations

Our Martin Savidge, who's been following this story is OutFront.

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December 20th, 2013
09:23 PM ET

Federal judge grants would-be Reagan Assassin more freedom

A federal judge has just ruled that the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan is getting more time outside a mental hospital.

John Hinckley's visits are currently restricted to 10 days a month. But, now he'll get an added week each month at his mother's home in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Hinckley has spent more than three decades at St. Elizabeth's, a mental hospital in Washington. After being found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 1981 attempt to assassinate President Reagan, Hinckley was diagnosed with major depression and psychotic and narcissistic personality disorders.

He's tried to commit suicide three times since the assassination attempt - all of those incidents were in the early-80's.

But today, federal judge Paul Friedman wrote in his opinion that Hinckley will "not be a danger to himself or others" if he's given more time away from the hospital.

Brian Todd has the story.

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December 20th, 2013
09:17 PM ET

A&E: Talks with Duck Dynasty Family Resuming Soon

Is it the end of Duck Dynasty?

The hit reality show and an estimated 400 million dollar empire may be in jeopardy as controversy continues to surround the show's star, Phil Robertson.

A new video surfaced Friday of Robertson calling homosexuals "God haters" during a sermon he gave in 2010.

A&E suspended Robertson for making controversial comments about blacks and homosexuality, but his family is standing by him.

In a statement they say, "We cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty."

Tom Foreman has the story.

The Robertson Family Official Statement

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December 20th, 2013
08:19 PM ET

Obama's biggest mistake of 2013: "We screwed up" the health care rollout

President Obama, along with his family, left Washington Friday for the holidays, leaving behind a tough year of all-time low approval ratings, a botched healthcare rollout and a government snooping scandal.

But before the president left town, he held his last press conference of 2013.

Obama says 2013 wasn't worst of presidency

His first question out of the gate.

JULIE PACE, AP: "Has this been the worst year of your presidency?"

BARACK OBAMA: [laughs] I have to tell you Julie, that is not how I think about it. I have now been in office close to five years. I was running for president for two years before that, and for those of you who covered me during that time we have had ups and we have had downs. I think this room has probably recorded at least 15 near-death experiences and what I’ve been focused on each and every day is are we moving the ball in helping the American people, families, have more opportunity and have a little more security, to feel as if, if they work hard can they get ahead.

OutFront: Sean Spicer, Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, Ben Lablt, Press Secretary for Obama's 2013 campaign, and A.B. Stoddard, the Associate Editor of "The Hill."

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December 20th, 2013
08:14 PM ET

Jury: Farrah Fawcett portrait belongs to Ryan O'Neal

Farrah Fawcett's partner of 30 years, Actor Ryan O'Neal won a court battle to keep an Andy Warhol painting of the actress that's worth up to 12 million dollars.

He was fighting the University of Texas, which claimed Fawcett left the painting to the University in her will.

Ryan O'Neal can keep Farrah Fawcett portrait, jury says

The testimony was at time emotional, O'Neil telling jurors about the painting saying, "I talk to it. I talk to her, it's her presence in my life and her son's life. We lost her. It would seem a crime to lose it."

Nichelle Turner has more on the courtroom drama.

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