January 8th, 2014
08:58 PM ET

Omaha police union defends 'thug cycle' video

A Nebraska toddler who repeated a slew of profanities in an online video has been taken into child protective custody, Omaha police said Wednesday.

A controversial video, posted online by the Omaha Police Officers Association, which shows a child in diapers, cursing and making obscene gestures with the adults who are taping him, continues to spark debate.

On Tuesday, CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill and Inspire52.com founder Mel Robbins argued about whether this type of behavior is more common that people think.

Many OutFront viewers took to the internet to weigh in on Tuesday's debate.

FELIX VEGA NEWS: Watching your debate about that video. I see that type of behavior regardless of race EVERY day as a prosecutor around courthouse.

MS. T: "Wonder where u live in NY that parents call their kids the NWord?Absurd&video of baby shouldnt b posted.2 WRONGS dont make a right"

JAMIE POWER: "Black people hate @donlemon right now for speaking the truth! Tell it I see it in Macon ga everyday!!!"

JENNIFER: poor child doesn't even realize that she's doing anything wrong. Its abusive and invasive. The video will be out there forever.

OutFront: Sergeant John Wells, the president of the Omaha Police Association, which posted the controversial video on their site. CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill and Psychotherapist Wendy Walsh.

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January 8th, 2014
08:50 PM ET

'SNL' finalist talks audition, spoofs Beyonce and Donna Brazile

The entertainment world was abuzz this week with news that 'Saturday Night Live" had hired its first black female cast member in more than six years.

After auditioning about 25 women in New York and Los Angeles, 27-year-old Sasheer Zamata was awarded the coveted spot on the show.

And it was announced Wednesday that SNL will also be adding two black female writers, LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones – to its staff.

We were curious about what it takes to land a job on SNL and CNN's Don Lemon had the chance to speak with one of the other women who auditioned, actress and comedian Simone Shepherd.

"It's hard for us to prove to the world that we are funny," Shepherd said.

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January 8th, 2014
08:37 PM ET

Family of North Carolina teen killed by police: The third of officer is 100% wrong

The family of 18-year-old Keith Vidal is speaking out. The schizophrenic teen was behaving erratically on Sunday when he was shot and killed by police in North Carolina.

'We called for help, and they killed my son,' North Carolina man says

Vidal's family says they called the authorities for help and two officers appeared to be getting the situation under control, but 70 seconds after a third officer arrived, Vidal was dead.

Vidal's step brother witnessed the entire incident and sat down with CNN's David Mattingly for an OutFront exclusive.

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January 8th, 2014
08:33 PM ET

Critical cockpit technology to prevent plane crashes not required

Why me? It's the question that plagues survivors of horrific plane crashes an the theme of the documentary "Sole Survivor", which makes its global television debut Thursday night at 9pm eastern on CNN.

The film explores the complex emotions experienced by lone survivors of major plane crashes.

Co-pilot survived crash that killed 49

One of these deadly flights was Comair Flight 5191 that crashed when the pilots tried to take off from the wrong runway.

New technology exists to prevent this type of crash. So why isn't it being used in all cockpits?

CNN's Rene Marsh has the story.

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January 8th, 2014
08:24 PM ET

N.J. Official: Christie bridge scandal delayed paramedics

"Outraged". "Unacceptable". "Misled".

Those are the words of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after emails emerged from his top aides appearing to show their direct involvement in a political vendetta.

But could this growing controversy stall Christie's hopes for the White House in 2016?

Christie says misled over bridge firestorm

CNN's Joe Johns is in Washington with all the details.

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