January 9th, 2014
08:51 PM ET

Toddler from "thug cycle" video in custody: Kids were raising kids, officials say

New information has been released regarding the Nebraska toddler who unleashed an R-rated tirade in a controversial online video.

We are learning the little boy and other children in the home are now protective custody. Authorities stepped in after video of the little boy flipping the bird and cursing was posted by the Omaha police association.

Swearing toddler in 'thug' video taken into protective custody

Officials say they found nothing criminal in the video, but the children are in the custody of child protective services.

OutFront: Dr. Charles Sophy and the Director of Children's Services for LA County hospitals.

CLICK HERE for the court documents.

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January 9th, 2014
08:41 PM ET

Teen accused of raping Daisy Coleman pleads guilty to child endangerment

Was it justice for Daisy?

The special prosecutor reexamining the case of Daisy Coleman, the young woman who accused her classmate of sexual assault, determined there was not enough evidence to charge the older boy with rape.

Missouri teen pleads guilty to misdemeanor in alleged sex assault

Instead, the former high school football player plead guilty to a single count of child endangerment.

It's a deal that not only disappoints Daisy and her family, but is sparking outrage across the country.

CNN's Kyung Lah is in Maryville, Missouri with the latest.

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January 9th, 2014
08:32 PM ET

Christie's inner circle: Who are the aides implicated in the bridge scandal?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Thursday what we've heard from so many politicians before: the buck stops with him.

But it's some of his top aides who have been implicated in a growing political scandal that could upend Christie's administration.

So who are these key players, and how close are they to the governor?

CNN's Joe Johns takes a closer look.

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January 9th, 2014
08:26 PM ET

Detective claims self-defense in mentally ill North Carolina teen

There are conflicting stories on what led a North Carolina police detective to shoot and kill a schizophrenic teenager in front of his family.

Police group: Detective who fatally shot mentally ill teen acted justly

Two officers arrived at the home of 18-year-old Keith Vidal, after his stepfather said he had been acting erratically. Vidal's family says the situation was under control, until a third officer arrived on the scene. Seventy seconds later, Vidal was dead.

That officer first said he fired in self-defense, but in an exclusive interview with CNN's David Mattingly, the officer's attorney told a much different story.

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January 9th, 2014
08:25 PM ET

Can Chris Christie survive the bridge scandal?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent nearly two hours Thursday apologizing for his aides, who punished a political rival by orchestrating the closing of several lanes on one of the world's busiest bridges.

Christie insists he knew nothing about the actions of his aides.

Christie drops swagger amid heat of scandal

"I am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here regardless of what the facts ultimately uncover. This was handled in a callous and indifferent way," Christie said.

"I knew nothing about this," he added, noting as well that he has "nothing to hide."

Can Christie survive this latest scandal?

OutFront: Political Analyst Steve Adubato, Lanny Davis, author of "Crisis Tales", and constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz, author of "Taking the Stand," discuss whether Christie is handling the bridge scandal appropriately enough for a possible 2016 presidential bid.


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