January 27th, 2014
09:08 PM ET

Police: Maryland mall shooter expressed "unhappiness" with life

There are new details about the shooting at a Maryland mall over the weekend.

Darion Aguilar shot and killed two employees at a skateboard shop before turning the gun on himself.

The co-owner of the United Gun Shop where Aguilar purchased his weapon tells CNN the 19-year-old visited the shop twice in December.

On his first visit, Aguilar purchased a shotgun on for about $430 in cash, plus two boxes of ammunition.

A couple of weeks later Aguilar returned for another box of shotgun shells. But why Aguilar opened fire Saturday morning, killing two people before killing himself, remains a mystery.

CNN's Joe Johns is in Columbia Maryland with the latest.

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January 27th, 2014
09:00 PM ET

What is Hillary Clinton's biggest political liability for 2016?

Fmr. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed Monday potentially her biggest weakness head-on.

Clinton said Monday that the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya was her biggest regret during the four years she served as America's top diplomat.

"My biggest regret is what happened in Benghazi," Clinton said in response to a question from David Westcott, the outgoing chairman of National Automobile Dealers Association. "It was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans, two diplomats and now it is public so I can say two CIA operatives."

And with President Obama's poll numbers down in his second term, Clinton tried to distance herself from her former boss.

Clinton's biggest regret at State: Benghazi

"I had disagreements with President Bush but you know I also had disagreements with President Obama," Clinton said.

So, what's the biggest liability for a Clinton 2016 campaign - is it Benghazi or Obama?

OutFront: former adviser to President Bill Clinton, Paul Begala and Conservative columnist Reihan Salam.

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January 27th, 2014
08:49 PM ET

Royal Caribbean passenger: "We saw people who were deathly sick"

A nasty illness has struck again aboard a cruise ship.

More than 600 passengers and crew on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas are stuck in their beds - dealing with vomiting and diarrhea.

Royal Caribbean cruise cut short after more than 600 are sickened

The Center for Disease Control is now on board trying to identify the source of the outbreak.

Cruise officials are now cutting the trip short and the ship is expected back in New Jersey on Wednesday.

OutFront: One of the passengers, the Mayor of Easton, Pennsylvania, Sal Panto Jr.

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January 27th, 2014
08:39 PM ET

A tip of the hat to Pharrell's fedora at the Grammys

Forget Macklemore and Daft Punk - the biggest winner from Sunday night's Grammy Awards was Pharrell's hat.

Grammys 2014: Pharrell's hat gets life - and Twitter - of its own

Just about everyone had something to say about it.

CNN's Jeanne Moos has the story.

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January 27th, 2014
08:35 PM ET

Police open University of Missouri rape case

The University of Missouri under fire after an ESPN report suggests it may not have properly investigated allegations of rape from 2010.

According to the Columbia Police Department, former Missouri swimmer, Sasha Menu, claimed she had been sexually assaulted by a member of the football team, but she committed suicide in 2011.

University officials say there was no formal complaint and were unaware of the incident. But new information has surfaced.

CNN's George Howell has the latest.

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