February 14th, 2014
09:27 PM ET

Beer saves town from California's historical drought

Help will soon be on the way to farmers in California who are struggling to make ends meet as they suffer through the worst drought in the state's history.

President Obama saw the dry devastation first hand Friday and pledged $100 million in disaster relief.

The money will go to the farmers responsible for nearly half of all the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in this country.

“Water has been seen as a zero-sum game: agriculture against urban, north against south,” Obama said.“Water has been seen as a zero-sum game: agriculture against urban, north against south," Obama said.

And it's not just the farmers who've been hit hard. With only three inches of rain in parts of California this season, some towns are also running of out clean drinking water.

But we found one place that's making it through the drought thanks to an unlikely source - beer.

CNN's Dan Simon's OutFront with the story.

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February 14th, 2014
04:34 PM ET

And the least faithful city in America is...?

Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the air. People are carrying flowers and candy.

Social media users were gushing over the big day - driving "Happy V-day" and "Happy Valentine's Day" to trend on Twitter.

Around the world, people in loving relationships smiled a little brighter. But then the heart-shaped balloon was popped by Ashley Madison.

The cheating-themed dating site with the slogan - "Life is short. Have an affair"  has released their annual findings.

What city do you think holds the title for the least faithful city in America? Take our OutFront poll and we'll reveal the results tonight at 7pm ET.

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February 14th, 2014
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New Republic defends "Tony Soprano-like" illustration: Christie photo is not racist

In an article, conservative news organization, The Blaze criticized New Republic's photo illustration depicting New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a "Tony Soprano-like" mob character - saying it overshadowed the content of the article.

The piece asked if the "Sopranos"-like photo illustration of Chris Christie was racial?

"The illustration shows Christie retrieving a newspaper outside an impressive home wearing boxers, an open bathrobe and a gold chain around his neck.

There is something overtly Italian-American stereotypical about it, markedly a reference to fictional crime boss Tony Soprano.

“Christie is half Sicilian,” remarked one person on Twitter who saw the image. “If someone portrayed a black politician as a gangsta I know exactly how The New Republic would react.”

The New Republic's Senior editor Alec MacGillis defended the photograph.

"The picture for us was powerful," MacGillis said. "It captures two things: It captures New Jersey in a way that evokes New Jersey, in a way that almost nothing else can. It evokes the pathos of the current moment for Chris Christie, and the sudden falling of his standing."

He went on to say that Tony Soprano is a lot like rocker Bruce Springsteen - an "ultimate New Jersey pop cultural icon."

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