February 19th, 2014
11:31 PM ET

Kate Upton's zero-gravity photoshoot

Defying gravity has never looked so good.

Sports Illustrated is known for its sultry swimsuit editions, but this year's photo shoot with Kate Upton is literally out of this world.

CNN's Jeanne Moos dishes details on the American supermodel's spacey swimsuit photo shoot.

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February 19th, 2014
10:57 PM ET

Juror: Race not an issue in "Loud Music" murder Trial

CNN is learning what was taking place inside the jury room as 12 men and women failed to decide whether Michael Dunn murdered a black teenager or was trying to protect himself.

It is a case that has once again put the issues of race and self-defense in the spotlight.

"I believed he was guilty," Valerie said in an interview with ABC's "Nightline" early Wednesday. Also known as Juror No. 4, she asked that her full name not be given in order to protect her identity.

Florida 'loud music' trial juror: 'I believed he was guilty'

"We all believed that there was another way out, another option," she said.

She added that despite this being a highly charged case with racial overtone, the jury did not consider race as part of the evidence.

"Sitting in that room, it was never presented that way. We looked at it as bad situation where teenagers were together, and words were spoken, and lines were crossed," Valerie said.

OutFront: Natalie Jackson, defense attorney and CNN Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos.

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February 19th, 2014
10:50 PM ET

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion

Facebook's $19 billion buy.

The social media giant announcing Wednesday that it has just bought a mobile messaging app called WhatsApp.

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion

It's Facebook's largest buy ever, but is it worth it? And what the heck is WhatsApp?

CNN Technology analyst Brett Larson and Mediaite's Joe Concha are OutFront.

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February 19th, 2014
10:45 PM ET

Ted Nugent under fire for calling Obama "subhuman mongrel": Should the GOP drop the rock star?

Rocker Ted Nugent, 65, hit the campaign trail Tuesday with Texas Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott, the state's current attorney general.

Abbott's opponents were quick to highlight Nugent's controversial comments.

"Greg Abbott’s embrace of Ted Nugent is an insult to every Texan — every man, woman, husband, and father. If this is Greg Abbott’s idea of values, it’s repulsive," said spokesman for State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

Last month, Nugent called President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" in an interview with Guns.com.

"I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America."

A senior Abbott aide defended their choice for campaign headliner, telling CNN their campaign invited the gun rights activist to help encourage voter turnout among the GOP base.

Abbott Statement:

"Ted Nugent is a forceful advocate for individual liberty and constitutional rights—especially the Second Amendment rights cherished by Texans. … While he may sometimes say things or use language that Greg Abbott would not endorse or agree with, we appreciate the support of everyone who supports protecting our Constitution."

CNN's Wolf Blitzer reported Tuesday on Nugent's use of the racially-loaded term "subhuman mongrel."

Blitzer noted it's a term Nazis called Jews to justify the genocide of the Jewish community.

Nugent attacked CNN and Blitzer with tweets saying:

"CNN Joseph Goebbells Saul Alinksy propaganda ministry mongrels."

"Wolf Blitzer is journalist; and I'm a gay pirate from Cuba."

OutFront: Conservative commentator Ben Ferguson and Democratic strategist Paul Begala.

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February 19th, 2014
08:03 PM ET

New warning to airlines about possible shoe bombs

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a new terror threat, warning airlines about terrorists who may attempt to hide explosives in their shoes.

They are asking airlines to pay extra attention to flights from overseas with 25 to 30 specific cities listed on the advisory.

Sources: Airlines warned to beware of possible shoe bombs

Officials say there is no specific threat or known plot, but intelligence collected by the United States and other countries indicates terror groups have been working on new shoe-bomb designs.

OutFront: Phil Mudd, a Former CIA Deputy Director of Counterterrorism.

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