March 17th, 2014
09:38 PM ET

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 pilot's political ties called into question

Malaysia's opposition leader tells CNN that the pilot of missing flight 370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is a member of his organization, which has been fighting the party that has ruled Malaysia for four decades.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Get up to speed on the latest developments

This is raising new questions about whether the incident is political in any way. So far, there's no evidence to tie the plane's disappearance to the pilot or his politics.

What are today's biggest developments?

A new video posted to YouTube Monday purportedly shows the plane's pilot and co-pilot going through security at the Kuala Lumpur airport. CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the video or the date the video was shot.

Frustrations, unknowns mount in search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Meanwhile, the United States has scaled back its role in the search effort.

The USS Kidd completed its search of the Andaman Sea and is leaving the search areas.

"The dedication of this crew is amazing. 314 Sailors were out here operating for 24 hours a day, standing extra watches and volunteering for extra duties because they knew if it were their loved one missing on MH370, they'd want the best U.S. Navy capabilities involved in the search," said Kidd's Executive Officer Commander T.J. Zerr.

March 17th, 2014
09:20 PM ET

Investigators focus on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 pilots

United States and Malaysia officials say flight 370 veered off course after a deliberate action by those within the cockpit and investigators are increasingly focused on the pilots.

Pilots, passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 under scrutiny

What do we really know about them and is the screening process sufficient to keep passengers safe?

OutFront: Jeff Wise, he's a private pilot, and an aviation journalist.

March 17th, 2014
09:07 PM ET

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passenger's partner says she's not ready to give up hope

For the families of Flight 370, the wait for news about their loved ones is agonizing. They cling to every twist and development, hoping that just maybe a miracle is still possible.

Malaysia Airlines passenger's partner says she's certain her soul mate is alive

It's what the longtime partner of Philip Wood, one of three Americans aboard the missing jet believes.

Sarah Bajc, Wood's longtime partner, spoke to our David McKenzie about the painful moment she realized her partner was aboard Flight 370.