March 18th, 2014
09:26 PM ET

Official: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was programmed to turn west

(CNN) - The United States is asking Malaysia for more transparency in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called Malaysian Minister of Defense Monday night and encouraged his government to share what they know, as soon as they know it.

So far the investigation has been full of Malaysian authorities withholding key information, or releasing it, denying it and creating mass confusion.

What we do know about the missing plane?

The disappearance may have been carefully planned. CNN learned Tuesday that the sharp left turn that the plane made was programmed into the plane's software.

A law enforcement official tells CNN that the first key turn off the plane's scheduled route was almost certainly programmed by somebody in the cockpit.

Who was that "somebody"?

U.S. officials, citing Malaysian authorities, say an initial search of personal computers and email traffic from the 53-year old pilot and 27-year old co-pilot of the missing plane found nothing to indicate they planned the route change.

And U.S. officials have now reviewed cockpit conversations between the missing plane and air traffic controllers and say they heard nothing suspicious in those communications either.

As for the search for the plane itself, the total area now being searched stands at 2.97 million square miles - an area nearly the size of the entire continental United States.

New evidence supporting plane's altered course

Also today, the Thai military said it was receiving normal data from the missing plane until 1:22 am when it disappeared from its radar.

New evidence in Flight 370 search explains plane's path

Six minutes later, the Thai military detected another signal - possibly the missing plane - heading in the opposite direction.

The data is the second radar evidence to show the plane did indeed turn off its scheduled route.

Kyung Lah is in Kuala Lumpur where she spoke with an old friend of the missing plane's pilot - a man who also flew the very same plane that is missing.

Retired Malaysia Airlines pilot Captain Nik Huzlan tells Lah he believes it wasn't pilot interference or mechanical failure - it was "some form of unlawful human interference."

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  1. Mike McMurray

    Excellence, this is why I tune in. (Harmony)

    April 4, 2014 at 2:18 pm | Reply
  2. Stickdancer

    Last night, I tried to analyze public knowledge of the disappearance of MH370 using a model that I developed. It suggests to me the following:
    1. It a deliberate attack/murder of a sense of community.
    2. It was conceived by a very intelligent person and emotionally intelligent person who experienced serious familial bullying.
    3. It was executed by someone who used intimate relationships and knowledge to acquire the necessary resources and opportunity for the designed action.
    4. There is a unique piece of equipment that allowed the plan to work.
    5. The designer anticipated the political reality and public reaction to the event accurately.
    It also suggests that the best way to flush out planner and perhaps find the plane is to take the investigation in a direction that challenges the anticipated cultural stereotypes of the planner and disturbs that person’s sense of self within the events. There. That's my two cents.

    April 2, 2014 at 10:24 am | Reply
  3. Bob Stakenborghs

    Per the FAA runway requirements for a 777-200, which I believe 370 was, the dry runway length for a fully loaded (460000 pounds) 777 at sea level is only 5250 feet and 6000 feet for a wet runway. For a 300000 pound OLW plane and a dry runway it is kess than 4000 feet. Why is everyone saying it is 6000 to 8000 feet? It seems to be much less.

    March 19, 2014 at 7:38 pm | Reply
  4. Celius

    I don't know if Ms. Burnet or CNN Produciton staff read these comments but I have just started watching her show and would note that Ms. Burnett speaks extremely fast and sometimes jumbles her words together. She needs to slow down a little bit (I know she gets excited) and work on her diction a little bit. No disrespect here; I used to work in the entertainment field representing artists and handled a few contract negotiations involving a few well known TV journalists and this was a typical issue we often worked on with television news personallities when shopping them out to other markets. Thanks for the consideration; Ms. Burnett seems wel informed but this is a little distracting.

    March 19, 2014 at 7:29 pm | Reply
    • Mike McMurray

      It's easy to jumble word's when all of the super powers are having a convention of submarine s in the southern valley deserts of China Sea. Their all hangin out for some reason; it's like a friggin war zone.
      Would not there efforts be better spent UN the Indian Ocean?

      March 25, 2014 at 6:21 pm | Reply
  5. DTS

    According to Wikipedia, the Flight Management System contains a navigation database that is updated every 28 days to ensure the information it contains is current. Among the information contained in the NDB are waypoints/intersections. If it is confirmed that a waypoint was entered into the FMS 12 minutes prior to the copilot's goodnight , was it a waypoint that preexisted within the NDB?

    March 19, 2014 at 5:42 pm | Reply
  6. Michael McMurray

    Of course there was human interference, this is always the case except this doesn't mean that mechanical failure is not the ultimate cause. Let me suggest a scene that would explain much of the unknow because of the nature of the technical territories.
    What if the aircraft was targeted by accident by a Tactical High-Energy Laser during some kind of military testing and programs of the sort that are know to be in full swing in the South Sea's of China for years now.
    These EMP 's "electromagnetic pulses" would have the capability to knock out all NavCom, Fight Managment Processors, and Fly by Wire Systems by the very nature of their destructive capabilities.
    Normally optical tracking would not target a indentifiable object, but, if the transponder was turned off at the wrong place and wrong time it could become unidentifiable and tracked as a target rather than a friendly.
    This would start a chain of devestating events in that these EMP's can disrupt all of the solid state systems to render all partially workable or total failure. These transverse waves (optical pulses) would cause big problems for all fly by wire systems so that the pilot's would be down to no axis control or partial control surface capability, in any event, possible to fly right down to the sea with a partial control landing on the sea. That fact that airplane deviated to begin with suggests that this was because of just that problem.
    Next, these primary radar hits could be any aircraft of unknown velocity.
    The thing to understand about the pings that were addressed is key to understanding why the airplane, if rendered electromagnetically destroyed, is that when a powerful pulse as such hits the airplane the whole airplane in effect becomes an attenna, such is the nature of optical waves, transverse in nature, and because of there amplitude will last for hours as refracted and reflected in the atmosphere around the earth a billion times mirroring the airplane at initial time of pulse contact, until attenuation eventually is non existent, meaning, the best in signalling experets in the world are now chasing a reflection. If this is the case then, I would suggest the aircraft is probably down in the South China Sea buried in mud so deep, near land mass that any signal what so ever would not be attainable because of the medium of mud and sand in which it may lay.
    Just a thought, surely someone else has though about a possible military laser testing accident as a possiiblity?

    March 19, 2014 at 5:18 pm | Reply
  7. emmanuel

    Erin: I have a question, which you might want to ask your guests or "aviation experts". Perhaps, the question has already been asked. (Pardon my redundancy). Suppose this mystery was a result of mechanical failure or fire attributed to fire, and that the pilots somehow began reacting to it so quickly, probably even erratically. How? suppose one of them or both of them working collaborately, saying punching in some digits...., lets say....the correct was .87456...but in the panic, this was not done properly or was done incompletly....to say 8745. Could the plane continue to destination 8745 or even, deciding it was confused due to an digit in-put error, fly indefinately to wherever, until all the fuel burned out or crashed.
    Question (1) is....how easy is to make this kind of error? Question (2)...is it possibly to generate an "incorrect" number which nevertheless means some correct destination? Question (3) or are these numbers already part of the stock in the database that it has to be specific numbers? (4 ) Do Boeing folks conceive of these kind of situations, and hence make in-put error free? Thanks, Erin.

    March 19, 2014 at 5:18 pm | Reply
  8. Cheryl Yaffe

    Is it possible that the MH370 Airline that went missing landed on a ship in the Indian Ocean?


    Cheryl Yaffe

    March 19, 2014 at 3:38 pm | Reply
    • Mike McMurray

      Hello Erin
      Apparently the aircraft had a Dish and area service provider to provide text message, voice and internet communications. The plane would not require ground based routing and would have a direct satellite channel meaning that the last handshake may have been with civilian telecom giant and if the dish was working after the transponder loss there would be added clock and position records of passenger hand set usage.

      March 26, 2014 at 12:01 pm | Reply
  9. Collin La Mey

    I agree with the pilot who spoke of unlawful human interferance. This was a skillfully planned operation. The region was carfefully selected because the perps knew in that area, they could beat the radar. Just like 9-11, they detected flaws in US airport security and exploited it. That plane was stolen. My opinion is it was the act of terrorists. AL QAEDA in the air – Talibans on the ground – Pirates at sea forms the terror network in my opinion. The theft of this plane was, in my opinion, carried out by an AL QAEDA member like Mohammed Atta (we know he died 9-11) who was among the passengers and hijacked it. TAlibans on the ground, I believe, prepared a place for that plane to land and they helped guided that plane from the ground. Talibans are skilled in the jungle. If this theory is incorrect, the only other probability, in my opinion, was at the point of the sharp turn west something happened and everyone on that plane was incapacitated ; the plane was flying on its own and crashed somewhere.

    March 19, 2014 at 2:56 pm | Reply
  10. Billy Savely

    Erin – It's Obvious what happened (in many parts) to 370.
    Passengers unfortunately died (that's why no text or messages from passengers after contact lost).
    Fake passports – come on, China would not have let them in country – they knew that, so they were in involved with captain.
    Co-Pilot, not involved, he probably died too after signing off (captain not at helm, he's disabling the aircraft without notice.
    Plan goes silent (he decompressed cabin air to passengers and / or when thrusting 45,000 to 20,000 – total terror by passengers and then – perished, leaving plane to the Captain and two Iranians on the plane, to do what they wanted.
    I believe the pilot had planned and the two fake passengers were intended, and plane possible dropped cargo over water or land to intend site or connection. Its also known, that if they jumped from plane with chutes, they would survive, leaving them to be the most men WANTED – they lived and downed the plane.
    Billy Savely – Lafayette, LA

    March 19, 2014 at 2:08 pm | Reply
    • Michael McMurray

      Like most others in the world of the electromagnetic spectrum of which we reside, (matter world) I recently took a keen interest in the missing FL 370 destined for China. After listening to the intelligence reports day after day after day from CNN, I came to find the information boring and inconclusive as to what the facts would suggest. So, I put together a theory and fired it off to a correspondant CNN and I posted my theory as to what I thought would be rational reasonable given available information. This is where it became interesting. The post showed for about ten minutes, then it just plain disappeared, nothing, gone, and no more post! Given the nature of my theory it is easy to understand why this might have occurred and I just may have been getting a little closer to home on the mystery, which of course as I shall explain has probably been tailored to cover up all financial interest as well as international treaty in regards to new military equipment and the testing of such. Have you ever heard of Tactical High-Energy Laser Weapons? It is well known that for some years now the South China Sea has been used as a test bed for these new weapon technologies and that in the need for international security and protection of the public, these programs are well control, but, sometimes things can go wrong and this is where my theory begins. I think there was a military testing accident and it goes without saying FL 370 may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. What would happen to an airplane and crew if hit by one of these weapons? First, it is important to understand the energy mechanics behind high energy lasers. These things operate at microwave frequency with far greater amplitude than you can ever imagine. It is a much different regime of technology and not much is known by the masses. Imagine you microwave oven at home and take your cell phone, open the channel of this solid state transciever and place it in the microwave, turn on the oven and at first your voice communication is garbled and then there would be nothing as the microwave fries the components. Well, your microwave oven operates and cooks with very low watt, imagine what the crew of a 777 would experience if hit with energies hundreds of thousands of times more powerful! You need to understand the power behind these things, they would just fry solid state components and give the feeling to the skin that you had a fever coming on very quickly. So, that being said, these weapons have a number of characteristics that would explain some of the unknowns, doppler effect and other interesting parts of the electromagnetic world of which we live. Fact 1. The transponder went off at about 1:15, was it turned off, maybe not, being hit by a laser weapon would disable the VHF capability, it would seem that someone turned it off. Fact 2 The plane turn away to the left, a hyjack, maybe not, pilot may have turned the craft away from weapons source to avoid the burning of skin and solid state components which may have caught fire and was trying to return to airport of departure while on board fly by wire, naviagation, communication, and hard drives, voltage gates and so on the processors rendered useless. Fact3 Miltary primary radar sees unknown aircraft at 2:15 500 hundreds miles away and believes it to be Flight 370, maybe it was not there, because if a EMP (electromagnetic pulse) with this kind of power and momentum hits a plane, and understand the whole plane acts like an attenna, a signal this strong will refract in the atmosphere medium and is strong enough to be detected at the same time 500 miles away refracted as a doppler reflection detected by primary radar who would see only a spec because the transponder tag and signal would no longer be available. A point of interest, this refraction starts at 1:15 and is on radar at 2:15 in another times zone. Which way would you GO? Fact 4 The pings recieved by satellite give a magnetic signature of a 777 but maybe not FL370. For obvious reasons and international security, certain powers that be might like to lead the sniffers away from the area. It is no suprise that the satellites channels are dedicated to the very same people that deploy, and build military defense and star wars weapons. Fact5 At the time of disappearence, there were oil slicks and sesmic waves recorded in the same area, and quickly discounted, this is all very strange don't you think. I think the airplane and crew were zombied back to about 50% capacity and the pilots were able to manage a partially controled landing in the South China Sea and this is not a good place to be because the bottom of these seas are like deserts of silt, mud and sand, just like concreate, will hide a signal forever and not release any matter to the floating properties that we should expect. Not to mention a signal of any sort would have a slim change of being noticed while propagating through not only a water medium but also a concrete of sorts medium where signal velocity is reduced and attenuation comes much quicker. Michael McMurray – British Columbia

      March 21, 2014 at 8:00 pm | Reply

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