April 1st, 2014
09:54 PM ET

Will Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's "black box" ever be found?

Malaysia Airlines investigators lost three crucial days searching in the wrong area because of the poorly-coordinated effort.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: New search area, rugged deep-ocean terrain

The black box, which records information of the flight may have less than a week left of battery power.

In interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, researcher Bill Schofield, who was on the team that first developed the "black box," talks about whether the plane's data recorder will ever be found.

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April 1st, 2014
09:26 PM ET

Air France debris may be key to finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

More and more assets are joining the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The Malaysian minister of transport Hishammuddin Hussein tweeted that a British nuclear submarine dubbed "HMS Tireless" will take part in combing the Indian Ocean for the missing aircraft.

CNN's Erin Burnett suggests that the crucial piece of information that may help investigators locate the missing plane may not come from satellites and the search planes, but rather from the lessons learned after the Air France crash in 2009.

CNN's Deborah Feyerick has the report.

April 1st, 2014
09:10 PM ET

GM CEO Mary Barra: 'I am deeply sorry'

Newly-minted General Motors CEO Mary Barra was in the hot seat on Capitol Hill Tuesday over deaths caused by faulty ignitions.

Members of Congress wanted to know why the automaker ignored warning signs of a faulty ignition switch that led to the death of 13 people. It took GM 10 years to recall the defected cars.

Some say GM turned down potential fixes because it was too expensive. But documents provided by the auto giant show the piece needed to fix a defective ignition would have cost just 57 cents.

One woman who lost her son just nine days after he bought a GM car says the company just cares about their bottom line, not those who lost their lives.

"I want justice," says Cherie Sharkey, mother of a GM crash victim. "He died at the scene. They will never be able to give me my son back."

CNN's Dana Bash reports on what happened at today's hearing.

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April 1st, 2014
08:38 PM ET

The best and worst of April Fools' Day

April Fools' is the day when everyone seems to be trying to pull one over on you.

Not just your friends and family, but everyone. Even businesses.

Fracking at the palace, One Direction haircuts and U.N. peacekeepers in Scotland: April Fool's Day round-up

Jeanne Moos reports on how best to distinguish between truth and trick?

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April 1st, 2014
08:29 PM ET

Washington landslide death toll rises

Oso, Washington (CNN) - Among the mounds of mud and ripped-down trees, you see an occasional appliance, a tire here and there, the twisted cables that used to be part of the telephone system. What you don't see are homes.

They are gone. And it is difficult to even figure out where they once stood and what became of them.

The sheer force of a landslide on March 22 pulverized this neighborhood in rural Washington, leaving behind the debris where 27 bodies have been recovered and where crews painstakingly search for at least 20 people who are listed as missing.

On that awful Saturday, a rain-saturated hillside along the north fork of the Stillaguamish River gave way, sending a square-mile rush of wet earth and rock into the outskirts of the town of Oso in Washington's North Cascade Mountains.

Since then, rescuers have trudged through the muck - 70 feet thick in some places - looking for bodies, though some cling to hope someone might be found alive even 10 days later.


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