April 10th, 2014
02:27 PM ET

Search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 shrinks

Searchers for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 announced Wednesday, the search area has been narrowed dramatically - from about 29,000 square miles to 22,000 square miles.

The search area is now roughly the size of West Virginia.

They've picked up new signals which they believe may have come from the plane's black boxes. Which means investigators could be just days away from finding the missing jet.

Malaysia Airlines plane search: New signal possibly detected

Time is running out.

Day 34 of the search, and the batteries in the black boxes are fading more as each day passes.

The Australian ship Ocean Shield, which first picked up two sets of underwater pings on Saturday - reacquired the signals twice on Tuesday.

All four signals were detected within 17 miles of each another.

OutFront: Bob Ballard, the underwater explorer who discovered the wreckage of the Titanic and our own Richard Quest.

April 10th, 2014
01:12 PM ET

Scared of heights? Bet this dangling daredevil will make you sweat!

This story falls into the category of things NOT to try yourself. Actually we dare you to try not to get dizzy just watching this dangling daredevil.

CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a guy pulling stunts that may make your palms sweat.

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April 10th, 2014
01:04 PM ET

Obama honors soldiers at Fort Hood memorial

President Barack Obama and first lady Michele Obama were in Fort Hood Wednesday to pay tribute to the three soldiers killed and 16 injured in last week's shooting rampage.

"What makes this so painful is that we've been here before," Obama said. "This tragedy tears a wound still raw from five years ago. Once more, soldiers who survived foreign war zone were struck down here at home where they're supposed to be safe."

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