May 13th, 2014
09:51 PM ET

After 'prank' video went viral, Internet buys house for homeless man

Here's an update to a feel-good story that was captured on tape.

In the video, a prankster with a good heart brings a homeless man to tears after he gives him a lottery ticket and he cashes it in, winning $1,000.

The video has since gone viral, prompting so much support from fans who want to further help the homeless man named Eric, YouTube prankster and producer Rahat Hossain has been able to crowdfund $40,000 to get Eric a home and much more.

Lotto "prank" leads to big win for homeless man

The money covers rent, utilities, gift cards to restaurants and more for a full year.

In interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, Eric talks about another incredible update.

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  1. ryan

    it's refreshing and inspiring to read news stories like this . I hope Eric's good fortune and grace continues. Bless Rahat and friends for focusing their energy on charitable deeds

    June 3, 2014 at 2:01 am | Reply
  2. Derek

    People fall down, we stubble, we all have at times. Sometimes it's near impossible to get back up.
    That isn't a strike against who we are inside, it's just the the way the cookie crumbled.

    I've seen some tough times, I've fallen... quite hard actually. I simply was very lucky to have a support network made up of ALL FAMILY to help get back up. If you are older and stumble, fall down, fall down hard... and no family is there to help.. what do you do?

    Being a good person inside is not enough most times, you have to believe and know you are. Which, when you've 'fallen down', no job, no place to live, can barely feed yourself.. is a tough thing to do. You are truly at the bottom and no matter what people tell you, if you don't feel that way yourself it's not going to get any better. It's VERY HARD to pick yourself up from the bottom, impossible even. You need help.

    Working is a form of providing self worth, a very important one. But without the support of a place safe to sleep, clothes on your back, food to eat and a place to shower a form of pride you will never get to enjoy. No one wants to hire a person that sleeps on the streets and can't shower. Had it not been for the family I had back than, some not being around today, I may be in a much worse place than I was back than. I'm a tradesman now with a ticket that loves what I do, and I have my family that was there at that crucial moment in my life to thank for it.

    Cheers to Eric. May he get back on the horse and ride free!

    May 23, 2014 at 9:38 pm | Reply
  3. Joey at Purdue Univ

    Marty Hart: “Didn’t you tell me one time, dinner once, maybe, about how you used to ... you used to make up stories about the stars?”

    Rust Cohle: “Yeah, that was in Alaska, under the night skies.”

    Marty: “Yeah, you used to lay there and look up, at the stars?"

    Rust: “I tell you Marty I been up in that room looking out those windows every night here just thinking, it’s just one story. The oldest.”

    Marty: “What’s that?”

    Rust: “Light versus dark.”

    Marty: “Well, I know we ain’t in Alaska, but it appears to me that the dark has a lot more territory...”

    Rust: “You’re looking at it wrong, the sky thing.”

    Marty: “How’s that?”

    Rust: “Well, once there was ONLY dark. Ask me, the light’s winning.”

    May 14, 2014 at 12:40 pm | Reply

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