May 15th, 2014
09:57 PM ET

Inmarsat says it handed over all raw data to Malaysia

Inmarsat, the satellite company whose data and analysis led to the current search zone for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, tells CNN that it has provided all of their raw data to Malaysian officials.

In a statement obtained by Erin Burnett OutFront, the company says, "Inmarsat's raw data was provided to the investigation team at an early stage in the search for MH370."

Flight 370 search officials turn to private companies for help

Inmarsat's statement contradicts what the Malaysian government said Thursday - that it doesn't have the raw data.

Families and scientists have been increasingly angry at Inmarsat for supposedly refusing to release it to anyone.

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"We have very high confidence in the analysis of this data, which was independently evaluated by the international teams accredited to the official investigation," Inmarsat's VP of External Relations Chris McLaughlin said in the statement.

The firm is standing by the analysis that has led searchers to the southern Indian ocean.

But, a group of scientists say the Inmarsat analysis could be wrong, searchers may be looking in the wrong ocean.

It's been 70 days since the plane disappeared and there hasn't been a single piece of debris found in the search zone, or any evidence of the plane beneath the water.

CNN's Jim Clancy has more OutFront.

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  1. kased

    The only solid fact that remains is MH-370 went off the air east of Malaysia as it entered Vietnamese air space. The sonar/black box pings, the INMARSAT data and hypothetical animated flight paths are speculative or wrong and are misleading the families concerned and hampering the search effort.

    If in fact a plane did fly back over Malaysia, after MH-370 ACARS and comms went off line, who can confirm that plane was MH-370? A blip on a radar shows nothing other than an aircraft was in the air space. The Malaysian Defense Force says the radar showed that the plane was "a friendly". Is there evidence of that statement being correct? If that was the case, the military needed to contact KL ATC and confirm their assumptions.

    When all the details are collated and the discounted data put aside, only then can a valid search area be determined. I believe more focus should be placed on the South China Sea, the point where all communications on board MH-370 went off line. It is so easy to validate speculation as the real story, the media does this all the time with graphics, charts and animations, none of which contain a speck of valid detail. All these concocted pieces do is sell ad space and increase ratings.

    Those who are at the top, controlling the search effort know where to look. Someone, I believe, is holding back critical data that will lead to the discovery of what really happened to Flight MH-370. If this was a murder case all of the suspects and persons of interest would be interogated, or at the least, questioned. Even CNN's Miles O'Brien is getting tired of the spin.

    May 16, 2014 at 4:55 am | Reply

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