June 27th, 2014
09:02 PM ET

Immigration mandate requiring U.S. to detain 34,000 immigrants costs taxpayers $2 billion

The gridlock over immigration reform in Washington is forcing President Barack Obama to issue this warning on ABC, to the parents of children who are jamming the U.S. border with Mexico:

"Our message is absolutely don't send your children, unaccompanied, on trains or through a bunch of smugglers," Obama said. "That is our direct message to families in Central America. Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they'll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it."

While America struggles to cope with that sudden surge, another immigration policy is garnering attention - one put forth by Washington lawmakers that few people know about even though it's costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

It's a requirement that orders immigration officials to have at least 34,000 undocumented immigrants in custody at all times.

But is worth the price?

Deborah Feyerick has this OutFront Investigation.

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June 27th, 2014
08:48 PM ET

Is being gay good for business? Ex-CEO urges gay execs to come out

As New York City gears up to host the nation's oldest and largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride event this weekend, the former CEO of one of the world's most successful companies is calling on gay business leaders to come out of the closet.

John Browne was publicly outed by a British tabloid in 2007, forcing him to step down from his position as head of oil giant BP.

Browne's written a new book, "The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out Is Good Business," and he sat down with our Richard Quest to talk about it.

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June 27th, 2014
08:39 PM ET

1,000 U.S. Marines headed to Persian Gulf

More Americans are heading to the Persian Gulf.

CNN's Barbara Starr reports the USS Bataan is headed to the region with 1,000 marines on board.

A U.S. official also confirms that armed American drones are now flying over Baghdad.

Is this mission creep?

OutFront, CNN military analyst Lt. Colonel Rick Francona and retired U.S. Army Colonel Doug Macgregor who was a tank commander in the first Gulf War.

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June 27th, 2014
08:27 PM ET

UNLV student leaders call on Hillary Clinton to return speaking fee

Student leaders including the student body president at the University of Las Vegas are calling on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to return the reported $225,000 speaking fee she's set to receive for an upcoming speech at the school.

UNLV student body president Elias Benjelloun and Daniel Waqar, the student government's public relations director, told Nevada political reporter John Ralston that the speaking fee is "a bit outrageous."

"We'd like Secretary Clinton, respectfully, to gracefully return the money to the university or the foundation," Waqar told Ralston on Thursday.

The university says the fee is covered through private sponsorships and a Clinton aide tells CNN that the money will go to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Nevada university students call on Clinton to return speaking fee

But, as you might expect, the Republican party is seizing on this latest development to paint the potential 2016 candidate as out of touch.

OutFront, Sunny Hostin and Margaret Hoover, along with David Brock, founder of Correct the Record, a pro-Hillary Clinton group.

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June 27th, 2014
08:18 PM ET

Actor Shia LaBeouf arrested at Broadway show

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been released from jail after he was arrested Thursday night at a broadway show in New York.

Actor Shia LaBeouf arrested and released after outburst in Broadway theater

It's been a strange year for the "Transformers" star: wearing a paper bag over his head at a movie premiere, charges of plagiarism and now an arrest. What's behind LaBeouf's bizarre behavior?

Nischelle Turner has more.

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