July 11th, 2014
08:23 PM ET

U.S.-Mexico's penetrable 1,900-mile border

Just how many immigrants are coming across the U.S.-Mexico border? And what's the reality of the security that exists there?

Tom Foreman has the answer in the CNN virtual studio.

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July 11th, 2014
08:18 PM ET

Obama official: "Our border is not open to illegal migration"

President Obama sent a top surrogate, his Homeland Security Secretary to the U.S.-Mexico border to survey the situation for himself - a stop that many on both sides of the political aisle say the President should be making.

The president defended his decision, saying this week that he's not interested in photo-ops.

Obama official says at border: 'We'll send you back'

But Republicans have seized on that statement and tweeted this photo of the president meeting with a student in Austin, Texas.

The meme says, "Hey girl. I'm not interested in photo ops." And the tweet from HouseGOP said, "A picture says a thousand words."

CNN's Ana Cabrera joins Erin Burnett from Artesia, New Mexico, where Secretary Jay Johnson toured a temporary detention facility that is currently holding more than 400 women and children.

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