August 4th, 2014
10:45 PM ET

"Who is the bad guy here?" – Ron Prosor addresses Israel and Hamas comparisons:

In advance of the forthcoming 72-hour cease fire, on Monday evening Erin Burnett welcomed Ron Prosor, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations.

Joining the "OutFront" host for a live interview, Prosor addressed comparisons between Israel and Hamas, saying "you're trying to equate a democracy like Israel, with a terror organization like Hamas. This is like equating the United States with Al-Qaeda."

Watch the above video as Prosor further clarifies his point by noting that Israel and Hamas represent "absolutely the good and evil."

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  1. Zara

    So Israel's ambassador comes to lecture us about what and how we should think about the Gaza conflict. That's an extremely reliable, neutral and trustworthy source of information, isn't it? Since he apparantly likes comparisons: that's like depending on Joseph Goebels' propaganda to acquire an objective and impartial viewpoint on WW2. Surely no-one believes either party in a war has the truth at heart and doesn't want to persuade (by any means including lies, half-trues, logical fallacies and omission of crucial facts) the public (both one's own population and other countries) they're completely in the right and the enemy is completely in the wrong? Funny how many NGO's (like Amnesty International), goverments who have no stake in this conflict (the majority of South-American countries have severed diplomatic ties with Isreal over this conflict), goverments allied with Israel (France, GB even the US foreign secretary) and the UN itself have voiced serious criticism about Isreal's human rights violations in the Gaza strip but apparantly that's not relevant at all to this interview. If you're not even going to invite the other side to explain their position (which in itself already indicates partiality and prejudice) at least mention how the international community responds to this.

    What Israel and its lackeys always fail to mention (omission of crucial facts and therefore the complete distortion of the truth) is their continued occupation and illegal settlement building on Palestinian land (condemned by numeours UN resolutions, clearly Israel doesn't give a damn about international law and the world community of states's opinion), their continued stranglehold on Gaza's economy (the economic blockade which has resulted in a a complete impoverishment of the area and widespread unemployment due to the near destruction of Gaza's exporting firms, that Israel apparantly fails to realize this creates the ideal conditions for the rise of political and religious extremism is hard to phantom) and the continued oppression of the population of Gaza as causes for the continuation of this bloody and senseless conflict that can be traced back to just after WW2. If you continue to humiliate a whole people (on a daily basis), steal their land and evict them from their property (with the help of the so humane and just IDF if need be) and use collective punishment tactics such as severely limiting the necessities of life like electricity and water (strictly forbidden by international law) then you have no right be outraged when that people rises up against you and resists your foul and inhumane strategy (clearly aimed at the eventual large scale colonisation of Gaza and control of the newly discovered natural gas fields near its coast) by any means available. Israel has all the military advantages (tanks, warplanes, armored vehicles, artillery, war ships...) and can and does attack Gaza at will (including destroying schools, hospitals, Gaza's sole power plant...) without the Palestinians being able to defend themselves in any way except for firing a few pitiful rockets that hardly cause any damage at all (token of resistance) and somehow they're the victims in all this? This doesn't mean Hamas ihas the right to fire these rockets at civilians (being critical of one side doesn't imply automatically agreeing with and supporting the other side's standpoint) but at least knowing this will lead to a greater understanding of why this is happening and what needs to be done to negotiate a fair and balanced two state solution which will benefit both people (the Palestinian people deserve to live freely and safely in their own state just as much as the Israeli's) and finally put an end to the influence and power of religious and political extremism on both sides since it's clear they're the only ones who have anything to gain by this continued, senseless bloodshed.

    They brag about being a democratic state: Hamas (an organisation which ironically was supported and funded by Israel to thwart the PLO, a secular organisation which did eventually recognise Israel's right to exist) was elected by the people of Gaza and is therefore their legitimate goverment (even though Israel and especially the Likud party has always resisted a fair and balanced solution to the conflict and an independent, economically viable Palestinian state). They claim to be civilized yet have already attacked UN schools full of refugees resulting in numerous civilian casualties including many women and children at least 6 times now, all this while they were warned over and over again by the UN as to the location of these schools. How is this not state terrorism? How is this not a war crime? Hamas only resumed firing rockets at Israel (an act which i don't condone in the least) after Israel attacked them and arrested many of their members in the West Bank solely based on the assumption that they were responsible for the murder of three Israeli youngsters. Assumption, not evidence which is a disgrace for a country that claims it support the rule of law. If some rogue islamic splinter group did this they deserve to be brought to justice and receive the death penalty but it's no excuse for the full-scale war, massive property damage and the totally disproportionate number of innocent civilians in Gaza we've seen now (70 to 80% of the over 1750 Palestinian casualties according to the UN) and it is but one of the many Israeli attacks on Gaza in recent history.

    This man's fear mongering is truly ridiculous: what has Israel ever done to protect the US or Europe against islamic terrorism and how is its war with Hamas (which has never attacked the US or Europe and has publicly distanced itself from both Al-Qaeda and ISIS/IS) in any way beneficial to the west? If anything Israel's barbaric treatment of the Palestinians heightens anti-western sentiments in the arab world and the Middle East and therefore increases the threat level for western countries.

    Conclusion: this isn't a critical interview aimed at getting at the truth, this is giving one side a forum to espouse their completely lob-sided version of events without any correction or counter-argument whatsoever so basically what they want the public to believe. This woman isn't worthy to be called a journalist or she would have at least mentioned the true causes of this conflict and Israel's continous flaunting of international law. I guess it really is true that in the US the media is in large part controlled by the jewish lobby (based on the well known truism that most people automatically believe what they are told and generally will avoid thinking for themselves as much as possible) but I thought CNN at least would be free of this corruption and would actually try to bring news and information in a fair and balanced manner instead of acting as means to spread Israel's propaganda.

    August 5, 2014 at 8:50 am | Reply

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