September 5th, 2014
09:42 PM ET

Unresponsive plane flies for hours, crashes near Jamaica

The U.S. Coast Guard is now heading to the coast of Jamaica where a plane crashed after flying, unresponsive, for hours.

The jet left Rochester, New York Friday morning en route to Naples, Florida and flew hundreds of miles off course, passing through Cuba. Two F-15s scrambled to trail the jet. Shortly before the plane stopped responding to air traffic control, there was a call about a problem on board.

What is hypoxia?

The pilot asks to descend to 18,000 feet because "we have an indication that is not correct in the plane," according to a stream of that transmission posted on LiveATC.net.

OutFront, Miles O'Brien, a private pilot and David Soucie, a Former FAA Safety Inspector, along with Dr. Armand Dorian, a Los Angeles doctor who treated an airplane stowaway who survived back in 2000.

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September 5th, 2014
09:05 PM ET

Manhunt under way for "AK-47 Bandit" wanted in a string of bank robberies

A national manhunt is under way for the so-called "AK-47 bandit."

A man seen on new surveillance video is wanted in a string of bank robberies across the country. Police say he could strike anywhere.

The suspect is considered very dangerous. He's heavily armed and is usually seen wearing a sheriff's vest.

Authorities believe he has a police or military background and now they are bracing for a potential shootout.

Kyung Lah is OutFront with the story.

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September 5th, 2014
08:48 PM ET

Hundreds mourn slain journalist Steven Sotloff: "My heart is broken"

Pinecrest, Florida (CNN) - Hundreds of relatives, friends and officials mourned slain American journalist Steven Sotloff, killed by the terror group ISIS, in a memorial service Friday.

A letter written by Sotloff was read aloud during the service. The letter was smuggled out while he was in captivity before his death.

"Everyone has two lives. A second one begins when you realize you only have one," Sotloff's letter said in part. "Hug each other every day. Please know I am OK. Live your lives to the fullest and pray to be happy."

The public service for the Florida journalist was held at Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest, outside Miami.

Among attendees were Florida Gov. Rick Scott, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.


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September 5th, 2014
02:33 PM ET

Airline seat battles: Do passengers have the right to recline?

There's a national debate over whether fellow passengers should be able to recline their seats. It's caused three flights in the past two weeks to make emergency landings.

United flight diverted over legroom scuffle

One man used the now famous Knee Defender to keep the passenger in front of him from reclining. It lead to a fight so heated his plane from Newark to Denver had to be diverted to Chicago.

An aviation expert tells CNN that diverting a flight is costly. It costs airlines about $6,000 per hour  and that doesn't include airport landing fees for some flights.

Controversial inflight device: Should the Knee Defender be banned?

So why all the fights over legroom?

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