October 6th, 2014
11:08 PM ET

ISIS raises black flag over key Syrian border town of Kobani

Intense street fighting raged in the Syrian city of Kobani Monday as ISIS came closer to capturing a key area on the border with Turkey.

ISIS fighters continue to gain ground across the region. Militants raised their black flag over two Syrian positions in the key border town of Kobani. To the west in Anbar province, ISIS has captured the town of Heet and earlier Monday, mortar fire hit the green zone - inside Baghdad.

In the U.S., the FBI arrested an Illinois teen at Chicago's O'hare airport, charging that he was headed to the middle east.. to fight for ISIS.

OutFront, Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, he's the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

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October 6th, 2014
10:48 PM ET

Nephew of Ebola patient speaks out: Duncan doesn't know where he contracted the virus

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. is in critical condition tonight, and is receiving a new experimental drug.

This is the first time the drug is being used to treat Ebola in the United States.

But what do we know about Duncan before he came to the U.S. Did he know he had Ebola prior to arrival?

In interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, Duncan's nephew, Josephus Weeks says his uncle doesn't know where he contracted the deadly virus.

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October 6th, 2014
10:36 PM ET

Ebola's possible flight path into the U.S.

CDC officials quarantined all 255 passengers aboard a flight Saturday from Brussels to Newark Airport in New Jersey after a passenger began vomiting on the flight. It turns out that passenger had connected to the flight from Liberia.

State health officials now say the passenger does not have symptoms related to Ebola, but the incident ignited new fear about how, in the right circumstances, the virus could spread further.

Thomas Eric Duncan flew from Monrovia, Liberia to the U.S. with a connection in Brussels.

Tom Foreman is OutFront.

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October 6th, 2014
10:19 PM ET

Missteps at Dallas hospital raises Ebola concerns

After a meeting with health and national security aides, President Obama told reporters the White House is developing protocols to screen airline passengers for Ebola. The president says the global crisis is a "a top national security priority."

Thomas Eric Duncan, the man at the center of America's Ebola scare,  is now in critical condition and receiving a new experimental drug.

Ebola drugs are in the works

It's the first time the drug has been used in the U.S. to treat Ebola. The Centers for Disease Control says Duncan isn't receiving ZMapp, the drug used to treat two Americans with Ebola because it's all gone.

Ed Lavandera is OutFront.

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October 6th, 2014
10:10 PM ET

Peter Kassig's mother implores ISIS to "show mercy"

The family of ISIS hostage and U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig released a YouTube video Saturday asking his captors to show mercy and free him.

Referring to him as Abdul-Rahman - a first name his family says he took, having converted to Islam while being held hostage - father Ed Kassig said: "We implore his captors to show mercy and use their power to let our son go."

The clock is ticking with Kassig's life in the balance after he appeared in the beheading video of British hostage Alan Henning last week.

CNN's Joe Johns is OutFront with more on his family's appeal for his safe return.

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