October 7th, 2014
10:32 PM ET

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta slams Obama on ISIS, leadership

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta criticizes Pres. Barack Obama's leadership style and decisions on Iraq and Syria in his candid memoir, "Worthy Fights."

Panetta's comments are a stinging rebuke of Obama at a crucial point in his administration as the President battles multiple national security threats, including ISIS, a resurgent Russia and the spread of Ebola.

Former defense secretary lays out disagreements with President Obama

In a fiery debate, Former House Speaker, Republican Newt Gingrich and Former Deputy White House Press Secretary for President Obama, Bill Burton discuss Panetta's controversial comments.

Will Panetta's comments hurt Obama's foreign policy?

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October 7th, 2014
10:01 PM ET

Dallas Ebola patient waited nearly a week for experimental drug: "I'm concerned with the delay," Jesse Jackson says

(CNN) - Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, received an experimental medicine nearly a week after being admitted into the hospital - a far longer wait than experienced by four other Ebola patients treated in the United States.

Those patients - two each at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center - received their experimental medicines immediately. Those four are U.S. citizens; Duncan is a Liberian national.
"We feel he didn't get the medicine and treatment for the disease because he's African and they don't consider him as important as the other three," Josephus Weeks, Duncan's nephew, said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who attended the press conference with Weeks and Duncan's mother as a newly appointed spokesman for the family, added, "We don't feel good about that. It's been a concern he had to wait so long."

Jackson said he thinks money also played a role in Duncan's treatment.

"I would tend to think that those who do not have insurance, those who do not have Medicaid do not have the same priorities as those who do," the civil rights leader said.


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October 7th, 2014
09:27 PM ET

Dallas County prosecutor may charge Ebola patient

The man at the center of America's Ebola scare is in critical condition. Thomas Eric Duncan is on a ventilator and receiving kidney dialysis. But there are lingering questions about whether Duncan knew he was exposed to Ebola when he boarded a plane to the U.S.

Now, the Dallas county prosecutor is considering potential criminal charges against him.

CNN's Ed Lavandera is OutFront from Dallas.

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October 7th, 2014
09:10 PM ET

Kangaroos star in suburban street fight

Forget pepper spray for self-defense. A Kangaroo street fight will make you wish you had a tail. CNN's Jeanne Moos has the story.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

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October 7th, 2014
08:43 PM ET

"7th Heaven" dad Stephen Collins subject of child molestation investigation

Millions of Americans know him as the wholesome Reverend Eric Cameron on the long-running television drama "7th Heaven." Now, actor Stephen Collins is the target of a child molestation investigation.

Source: '7th Heaven' actor subject of molestation allegations

TMZ reports that Collins made incriminating statements on an audio recording made by his estranged wife during a 2012 therapy session.

CNN's Sara Sidner has the latest.

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