October 16th, 2014
10:11 PM ET

CDC grilled on Ebola at congressional hearing

A House panel sharply questioned health officials Thursday over the U.S. response to the Ebola virus, as well as steps to prevent an outbreak of the virus in the United States.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Thomas Frieden and other government officials faced many tough questions from members of Congress but there weren't nearly as many answers.

CNN's Tom Foreman has more OutFront.

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October 16th, 2014
09:39 PM ET

Texas hospital criticized for Ebola missteps

The CDC says Amber Vinson may have had symptoms of Ebola as early as last Friday, four days before she went to the hospital. That change in timeline means hundreds more could have been exposed. On Friday, Vinson flew from Dallas to Cleveland. On Monday, she flew back to Dallas. Both planes were full of passengers.

Officials are now trying to contact all of those passengers. Officials still don't know how the two infected nurses got Ebola in the first place.

A Dallas nurse who says she's putting her job on the line says Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital left nurses unprepared to handle Ebola.

CNN's Ed Lavandera has more OutFront.

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October 16th, 2014
09:20 PM ET

Pres. Obama: It "may be appropriate" to appoint Ebola czar

Washington (CNN) - President Barack Obama said Thursday night that it "may be appropriate" for him to appoint a czar to lead his administration's response to Ebola.

"It may make sense for us to have one person ... so that after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we're crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's going forward," Obama said.

First on CNN: Obama will name Ron Klain as Ebola Czar

His comments to reporters in the Oval Office came after a meeting with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden, Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco and others. Obama pointed to those two as the leaders of the U.S. response to Ebola so far.

He said they've done an "outstanding job" so far, but that with flu season coming and Homeland Security officials also involved in combatting ISIS, "they also are responsible for a whole bunch of other stuff."

Obama also said he has no "philosophical objection" to a ban on travel between West Africa and the United States - but said that doing so could make it tougher to determine whether passengers entering the United States would have recently visited the region that is at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak.


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October 16th, 2014
09:08 PM ET

Nurse may have been ill days before Ebola diagnosis

Officials say that Amber Vinson, the second Dallas nurse with Ebola, may have had symptoms of the virus as early as last Friday, three days earlier than previously reported.

If accurate, many more passengers could have been exposed to Ebola during her flight home to Cleveland from Dallas on Friday. Also at risk are Vinson's bridesmaids whom she spent hours with at a crowded bridal shop in Ohio.

From bridal shop to Ebola ward: Who is Amber Vinson?

The bridal party and workers at the bridal shop are being monitored for symptoms. County health officials in Ohio are also asking anyone who may have shopped at the bridal shop that Vinson visited on Saturday, October 11th to contact health officials immediately.

Vinson did call the CDC to report a low-grade fever before her return trip to Dallas on Monday, a trip that the CDC did not stop her from taking.

Susan Candiotti has more OutFront.

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October 16th, 2014
04:03 PM ET

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