October 27th, 2014
09:16 PM ET

Ebola survivor: Mandatory quarantines a 'disincentive' for Ebola volunteers

A battle of words broke out over the weekend between Kaci Hickox, who returned home from Ebola-ravaged West Africa only to be ordered into quarantine, and Republican governor Chris Christie. The nurse told CNN that her "basic human rights have been violated" and that Christie himself was responsible.

CDC officials stopped short of issuing nationwide quarantine rules, instead issuing new guidelines that set levels of risk for returning travelers - guidelines to help those states that are currently monitoring travel from West Africa.

But, should health care workers coming from West Africa be quarantined?

In an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, Dr. Rick Sacra says a mandatory quarantine would be a 'disincentive' for people to travel to West Africa to treat Ebola patients.

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October 27th, 2014
08:54 PM ET

Chris Christie not sorry, frees nurse from Ebola quarantine

The nurse in the middle of a national firestorm over Ebola quarantine rules is Ebola-free and left New Jersey for her home in Maine.

But Kaci Hickox was forced into quarantine by New Jersey governor Chris Christie after she returned from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone is not going home quietly. She's threatening to sue Christie and says he knows nothing about medicine.

Christie is not backing down and says he's not sorry.

"She needs to understand that the obligation of elected officials is to protect the public health of all the people and if that inconvenienced her for a period of time, that's what we need to do to protect the public," Christie says.

CNN's Miguel Marquez has more OutFront.

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