July 12th, 2013
08:49 PM ET

Inside a plane crash investigation

New details in the crash of Asiana Flight 214. CNN confirms that a third victim has died from injuries sustained in the accident.

Meanwhile investigators will continue to comb through the evidence, trying to paint a clearer picture as to exactly what happened.

Officials have confirmed that one of the two students killed, 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan, was run over by a fire truck shortly after the crash.

3rd person dies from Asiana crash, hospital says

The L.A. Times reports that she was hidden under a layer of foam, sprayed by firefighters to extinguish the flames.

It's still unclear if she was killed by the collision and it's just one piece of the puzzle that investigators will piece together in the coming weeks.

Casey Wian is OutFront with an inside look at exactly how they'll do it.

July 11th, 2013
08:21 PM ET

NTSB: Pilot's call to abort landing one second before crash

Investigators are looking into claims that the pilot of Asiana Flight 214 was blinded by a light, seconds before he crashed at San Francisco's International Airport.

According to investigators the pilot says that at about 500 feet - a flash of bright light temporarily blinded him.

NTSB chief: 'There are 2 pilots in the cockpit for a reason'

But according to investigators – it's still unclear if that played a role in the crash.

OutFront tonight: Keith Wolzinger a 777 pilot.

July 9th, 2013
09:19 PM ET

Pilots questioned in Asiana plane crash

As federal investigators try to determine what caused the crash of Asiana flight 214, some of the most critical evidence is likely to come from the cockpit and the crew that was operating the plane.

NTSB: Asiana jet's landing gear slammed into seawall at San Francisco airport

Outfront tonight: Mark Weiss is a former 777 pilot for American Airlines.

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